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wipe & vacuum dry

windscreen wiper for the toilet
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Have you ever walk into the toilet and finds that the floor is wet with puddle of water? Putting two existing technology together and we may be able to give a new perspective on drying the floor.

Imagine having a wiper that incorporate a vaccum system on the arm. Every time the wiper sweep, instead of sweeping the water to the extream end , we have the vacuum on the wiper to suck the water on the floor. Cool Huh!...

Wiper, Mar 06 2003

Mini wet vac http://www.mensmini...t/?product_id=13815
[waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]

Wet Vac Squeegee Attachment http://www.epinions...display_~full_specs
Just pull it across the room on a rope attached to a motor. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


       This is just a wet vac.
waugsqueke, Mar 06 2003

       But the poster wants to incorporate an automated sweeping element into it.
snarfyguy, Mar 06 2003

       Um...are you really likely to want to vacuum up the gook in a wet toilet? (Rather than turning right around and exiting before you throw up?)
DrCurry, Mar 06 2003

       How about a squeegee attachment on the wet vac, then? [link]
Cedar Park, Mar 06 2003

       Well, it has to be gotten rid of somehow, [DrCurry]. I'd rather have this than mop up the floor. The idea seems to be directed at the toilet proprietor rahter than the end user.   

       What about soggy paper clumps that clog the vacuum mouth/tube?   

       Why are they called vacuum cleaners, anyway? There's no vacuum creating the suction.
snarfyguy, Mar 06 2003

       Maybe so, but these things are Baked for general purpose use anyway - seen 'em on TV ads.   

       The title for this idea keeps making me think it's a solution for cleaning off *yourself* after going to the bathroom.
DrCurry, Mar 07 2003

       (trying to pry image of improper use of vacuum from mind)
Worldgineer, Mar 07 2003


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