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Weight pack for VR gaming

Add weight and improve realism with it.
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This backpack would be a helper for virtual reality game sets in games like Skyrim. In the game it's possible to pick up and drop things, but the virtual reality environment can't simulate the weight difference. If my character is carrying 250 pounds of cheese wheels I probably don't want a 250 pound backpack to haul around the virtual world but an extra 10 pounds would make things much more immersive.

This backpack would hold water. It would have a feed/suction tube. A very simple, robust design. A pump would add or remove water based on input from the game controller.
Voice, Dec 31 2014

Skyrim VR https://www.youtube...watch?v=k7n5kRRHDpw
[Voice, Dec 31 2014]

Rotating pipe fittings http://www.alibaba....ating+pipe+fittings
[Voice, Dec 31 2014]


       Wouldn't any.tube based system limit 360 mobility?
theircompetitor, Dec 31 2014

       A bladder and a compressor made of Maxwell demons might work.
wjt, Dec 31 2014

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 31 2014

       The game should just give instruction then pause while the motivated gamer strapped on the actual appropriate weights. Personally I think 10 lbs is just as big a wussout as nothing. It should be the full 250 lbs or just get on with your skyrimming on the beanbag in your camo bikini brief pipe fittings.   

       I could understand not using actual cheese wheels, in some circumstances.
bungston, Jan 01 2015

       //one of those games where you get strapped into a baby walker// I don't want to know.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 01 2015


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