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"Your Mug Here" Slot Machines

customizable slot machines for a more interactive experience
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alright. basic slot machine. you pull the lever, and the little wheels spin around. when they stop with a certain combination lined up, you win x amount of dollars.

that's all well and good, but isn't there more that we can do to add to the experience? that is why, the latest tcarson line of slot machines will include the ability to slap the mug of the user across the winning combination in realtime.

because most slot machines are fully digital at this point anyway, it would be a simple matter to add a webcam and a piece of frame software, so that the gambler using the machine will appear dressed in the prerequisite paraphernalia to match the chosen game's personal motif.

tcarson, Aug 22 2006


       So far only one bun, but the wheels are still spinning...
moomintroll, Aug 22 2006

       They could record you with all different expressions: sad, angry, pleased, happy, ecstatic! Get three smiling faces and you win Jackpot!
phundug, Aug 22 2006

       The cameras could also double as security cameras. [+]
Klaatu, Aug 22 2006

       actually, if you could take a picture of everyone who used the machine, you could build a profile for them based on their gambling habits, and design a system that is even better at taking their money. damn, time to retract my bun.
tcarson, Aug 23 2006

       How about an identikit-themed slot machine? (Identikits have those pre-printed eyes, nose, and mouths etc. that detectives use in old movies to build a drawing under direction of a witness.)   

       If you spin up the real face of a well-known criminal / a face with a full disguise / your own face, a voice shouts "Freeze! Nobody move!" and you get to rob the bank. Hm, maybe not quite in line with Vegas' family-friendly image.
jutta, Aug 24 2006

       i like your idea [jutta]. i don't think that vegas really has a family friendly image that they try to promote anyway.
tcarson, Aug 24 2006


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