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Ventricular Mouse

Computer mouse with a beating heart and lungs
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Ventricular Mouse is transparent, and has a little rib cage beneath its perspex exterior body. Inside this rib cage beats a miniature heart that you can see and feel through your hand as you move the mouse around. The heart is supplemented by a set of lungs that swell and contract as they take tiny breaths.

When your computer is busy executing a demanding task, the heart beats faster and more powerfully; the lungs expand and relax accordingly, as information monitored from the processor is relayed down the USB connection.

When the computer is sleeping, the heart and lungs slow down to barely perceptible movements. Older mice may be heard snoaring quietly when inactive, and can need more time to awaken.

xenzag, Dec 22 2006

[Ronx, Dec 25 2006]

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       Does it come with a pair of minute plastic CPR paddles in case the computer crashes?
jutta, Dec 22 2006

       Where is/are it's breathing hole(s)? and would it be worm?
BJS, Dec 22 2006

       I meant warm, but I don't really care for the english language...
BJS, Dec 22 2006

       More better, I think you mean.
gardnertoo, Dec 22 2006

       Dr. X, could this mouse also process the lint from the mouse pad and discard it as droppings?
Chefboyrbored, Dec 24 2006

       <pedantry> That's "Americanese is more gooder and funner to!!" <end pedantry>   

       This idea is pretty freaky. I'm not happy about the idea of needing to wait while my mouse wakes up. I'd like it if it came with tiny limbs that scratched and clawed along, you know, for those all too common occasions when the cursor on the screen decided not to move the same way the mouse on the mousepad is being moved. You'd need to use a pile of newspapers instead of a mouse pad of course, and if you use an optical mouse to go along with that, the problem will happen, oh, every time you use it.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 24 2006

       What a funny idea. [+]   

       Optional - mouse screeches in terror everytime a picture of a cat is displayed on the monitor.
nth, Dec 24 2006

       jutta, I'm thinking more like a wee D-fib. Sort of what you said, but it would shock, not compress the poor little rhodents life force.
blissmiss, Dec 25 2006


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