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Zero G RC battle at the ISS

Might be a little harder to use BB balls in space, but certainly more fun.
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A company would deploy an inflatable arena full of those spherical bots that are currently in use in the International Space Station.

When not in use by the ISS staff, these bots will self dock along the wall to recharge.

The Arena can then be rented out for matches from people on earth to play first person shooters with these spherical bots. The spherical bots also has laser pointers and sensor to detect hits.

For obstacles some of the spherical bots can carry inflatable walls to float around, so other bots will have to move around to shoot at other bots.

mofosyne, Jan 31 2018


       You're advocating the perversion of a vastly expensive international scientific project into a form of frivolous entertainment ?   

       Good idea, carry on. [+]
8th of 7, Jan 31 2018


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