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Zero-G Platform Diving

For the first Olympic games in space.
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(Takes place in a large enclosed arena in orbit around Earth)

Velcro-suited "divers" launch themselves off of an anchored platform toward a 20-foot fuzzy bullseye about 100 feet away. Dives are rated on accuracy and style.

Memeatron, Feb 21 2002


       All the athletes have gathered into this wonderful new Space Olympic Stadium, Jane

That's right Jim, and I must say this has been the most beautiful, joyous and moving procession I've ever seen.

Me too, Jane - We now await the Olympic Torch, which was launched from Earth only 4 hours ago and can see it fast approaching on the Domed Olympic Oscillating Mega Screen.

I'm so excited.

Ooh look, Jane - The Timer has started counting down the seconds and spectators and athletes alike are counting down aloud in their respective languages.

Jim, let's join in, shall we? OK 6-5-4-3-2-1

thumbwax, Feb 22 2002

       This seems a bit half-bvaked. I seem to remember a whole load of stuff on low g and zero g sports, which has disappeared (jutta archiving process??).
However, I was extremely alarmed to discover that that doyenne of halfbakery sports discussions, 3 team Hockey, has also gone. Dismay. Horror. Is there no filtering in the old idea deletion process?
goff, Feb 22 2002

       goff: Ideas shouldn't have been deleted for no reason. I guess either the creator wiped it, or the creator left and it was wiped automatically. Anyone know whose idea it was?
pottedstu, Feb 22 2002

       goff, those were my ideas, which vanished with my recent exodus. Should I repost?   

       This idea contains elements of Space Ball, only extrapolated out to a separate event.
waugsqueke, Feb 22 2002

       waugs., I had forgotten about your demise and subsequent resurrection. I think you should repost 3 Team Hockey, as it is the discussion that got me hooked on HB in the first place. But that's just me being sentimental.
goff, Feb 22 2002


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