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Viagra Falls Senior Honeymoon Resort

The Number One Honeymoon Destination for Elderly Newlyweds
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One of the problems that newlywed seniors have is in consummating the union, for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, by the time most of them have worn themselves out from repeated attempts, it is time to pack their bags and go home.

Viagra Falls Senior Honeymoon Resort seeks to remedy that in as many ways as possible. Custom Viagra-type prescriptions can be written and filled at check-in. A large variety of battery operated and manual appliances are at their disposal. Custom drinks featuring a vast array of Spanish Fly Recipes are available. Everything necessary to put lead back in the pencil is supplied for them. And of course, 24/7 on-site paramedics are standing by to take care of those occasional pesky cardiac events. Wedding party rates available.

Grogster, Oct 22 2010




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