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Wireless tour guide

Ever been annoyed by the tour guide with the megaphone (or just loud voice) lecturing to the group in a foreign language?
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No? Actually, neither have I, but it probably happens.

I'd like to see the tour guide using a small FM transmitter, with a range of only a few dozen metres. Each of the tour group has an FM radio; one of the various tiny ones that come in the shape of headphones or earpiece or whatever. They can hear the guide clearly, and nobody else is discombobulated by any overloud commentary.

There shouldn't be any problem with using the standard FM band, given the ultra-low power of the transmitter, but a custom solution would make it less likely for patrons to walk off with the radio as they'd be useless for any other purpose.

ian_mackereth, Dec 08 2004


       Not part of the idea, but I like the idea of the tour guide collecting up the headsets, then pressing a button on the transmitter. It sends out a terrifying scream and a shout of "THE ROOF'S FALLING!!" over the radio link (only) and anybody who ducks and looks up is politely reminded to return their earpiece!
ian_mackereth, Dec 08 2004

       Baked, although probably using different frequencies. You can see it in various places of interest (historic sites, museums etc.), at least here in Europe.   

       A variant are prerecorded tours.
Crissov, Jun 07 2005

       I like the idea of having something like a GPS based iPhone app that does tour guide type of things, and possibly pick up additional info from local wireless connections.   

       Having tour guides hooked up to their group with a wireless connection of any kind would be nice especially for museums, libraries, and places of worship. The guide could also use a walkman to fill in the boiler plate info, so they could handle the more interesting or colorful points specifically oriented to the group.
servant74, Oct 05 2010


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