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Virus Monopoly

why should you call going to a five stars location bad luck just because that location isn't your property ?
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roll the dices. count go. Congo. Figure out whether the virus in that location (hemoragic fever written in red on the info card) is deadly enough for you and if you want to buy the unique potion that makes you and only you immune to it. Then calculate your availability of setting some traps for other less fortunate players. while you wait for your turn, someone walks on some of your traps and gets ill. He/she's begging of you give him/her some of the antidote you purchased along with the immunity potion. You're a good human being and agree to heal him/her, given that he/she pays for it. Dearly.[...] You go on and roll your dices into the unknown. India. Few have survived it's strange, deadly, mosquito-infested environment. You take no chances cause you're filthy rich now and can afford it. And since the card you picked the round before granted you the right to enter the originally-called-jail hospital and benefit of free professional care, you're in full health and want to keep being that way. So you buy all the asian antidotes and start arranging allaround the kind of swamps mosquitos like most. As you peacefully wait for your turn again, you're dumbfounded by the fact that some other player has reached Zimbabwe.[...] The sex-appealing inhabitants of this location already seduced, bankruped and then killed two other players and it's immune owner wants you to be next. He rolls the dice and reaches Asia, and that's yours. You gasp for air as you visualize him giving you all his money for a drop of the antidote for the numerous diseases he now carries. But on the other hand - he says - he was saving money to buy asian prostitutes anyway, so he takes his chance, and instead of giving you money for the antidote, he buys prostitutes from your land and takes them to Zimbabwe. He's broke and not quite healthy and still has a long way to go till the hospital, which isn't a non-profit insitution anyway. But from his rather optimistic point of view, he's immune to the virus you will surely die from if contacted. It is now up to the dices in your hands to decide which of you and your opponent surpasses the other's deathly plot.
sweet, Nov 12 2005


       ok, with such annotation flow I guess i've made myself clear more than ever before..
sweet, Nov 16 2005

       I give bread just for the way your prose rolls along.
bungston, Nov 16 2005

       after all, the main reason for my posting this idea was it's being propitious to an expressive prose .
sweet, Nov 17 2005


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