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Vodka/Gin Olives

Who doesn't love a half-hour olive soaked in some Absolut?
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One of the best thing about martinis are the olives, especially if they've been sitting in your gin or vodka for a while. Nothing so satisfied then popping that last olive when you've polished off your Grey Goose martini up.

So sell jars of good-quality olives, but instead of selling them in that rank "olive juice," sell them suspended in the finest gin and vodka around. Belvedere Olives or Sapphire Olives -- mmm!

jeddings, Dec 12 2000

(??) sable and rosenfeld http://www.sableand...eld.com/pantry.html
"tipsy" olives, pearl onions, etc. [djymm, Dec 12 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Is Grey Goose good? I've heard about it.
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       I grew up in Olive Country, want me to see if these suppliers have websites? I've no doubt they've gotta have that base covered too.
thumbwax, Mar 27 2001

       I read that as 'Vodka/Gin Gloves'. I need some more sleep.   

       (+). It would certainly have a market, since the specialty olive business is alive and well. I personally prefer jalapeno-stuffed.
Baker^-1, Jan 05 2004

       Good idea. Im gonna make myself a batch.
mailtosalonga, Jul 16 2004

       and if you don't have gin, any old turpintine will do
simonj, Mar 01 2012


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