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where has everyone gone ???

not a new idea __ just checking __
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gizmo, Jun 17 2012

Is this Pirate Custard? http://www.selfsuff...ic.php?f=28&t=10875
Custard copied illegally by Vegans [PainOCommonSense, Jun 18 2012]

To help [2 Fries shy of a happy meal] with his identity crisis http://wiki.answers...mall_order_of_fries
[AusCan531, Jun 20 2012]

With hindsight, it would appear that we were in Brisbane. Brisbane_20Heisenberg_20Halfcon
We just didn't know it at the time. [pertinax, Jun 22 2012]


       I believe [Maxwell Buchanan] is currently away acting as a freelance consultant topologist in Borneo. Sturton is researching for his coffee-table book "Hotel Lobbies of Malaysia", and the intercalary is on an urgent mission of conservation to save the last remaining population of MacGuggen's Parasitic Gibbon.   

       All three are expected to be back the moment they return.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 17 2012

       They finally realized what a massive waste of time this site truly is.
sqeaketh the wheel, Jun 17 2012

       More importantly, Where the hell have YOU been???
blissmiss, Jun 17 2012

       We heard you were coming back.
UnaBubba, Jun 18 2012

       //They finally realized what a massive waste of time this site truly is.// Compared with what ?//
Writing the next great novel; inventing an actually 'patentable' invention; talking to your loved one...
sqeaketh the wheel, Jun 18 2012

       //talking to your loved one...//   

       Talk to the hand, [squeak].
UnaBubba, Jun 18 2012

       Not that I was missed but I've just been short on ideas.
Voice, Jun 18 2012

       I'm writing several books at once.
nineteenthly, Jun 18 2012

       We have been busy following up some of the concepts mooted in the "Time travel ccomputer" idea, but it hasn't turned out well for the bowl of petunias and particularly not for the whale …
8th of 7, Jun 18 2012

       //I'm writing several books at once.//   

       Ah. testing out that "multiple writing hand attachment", are we?
Loris, Jun 18 2012

po, Jun 18 2012

       // They finally realized what a massive waste of time this site truly is.//   

       There are entrepreneurs who can probably make a living off the truly awesome ideas that are carefully hidden among the [Why-dont-we-pirate-custard] and [M-F-D] posts.   

       In generations to come, scientists will credit our investment of time here in the "Bakery" as the "reason I got into picotechnology" or "the inspiration for my zero point energy battery" or at the very least " the place where I learned about the laws of thermodynamics"
PainOCommonSense, Jun 18 2012

       I'm off to Tokyo next week... to throw salt in the eyes of a practicing Sumo.
xenzag, Jun 18 2012

       Nobody's gone anywhere, because nobody was ever here in the first place. The Halfbakery—as with all of your experiences for the past dozen years or so—is nothing more than a prolonged fever dream, which you are due to wake up from any second now.   

       I hate to be the one to have to break that to you, though, because when you get back you're going to find that reality is even worse.
ytk, Jun 18 2012

       It would be very easy for reality to be worse than here.
nineteenthly, Jun 18 2012

       Where has everyone gone??? MAD? Bwahahahahah
rcarty, Jun 18 2012

       I would like to take a vacation to Jamaica or somewhere, but I'm still here...
xandram, Jun 18 2012

       Or punctuating excessively.
rcarty, Jun 18 2012

       {putting the chairs on the tables}   

       They had homes to go to. Do you mind? I'd like to sweep that spot.
pertinax, Jun 18 2012

-- po, Jun 18 2012//
<waves back>
hippo, Jun 18 2012

       I continue to observe from afar.
theleopard, Jun 18 2012

       There are places other than here?!?   

       Chicago, but only for a few days.
MechE, Jun 18 2012

       I'm still here El Guapo!
RayfordSteele, Jun 18 2012

       [marked-for-deletion] not an idea.
jutta, Jun 18 2012

       ... but great to see [gizmo] back!
po, Jun 18 2012

       Going back to Lithuania next week, a bit still working on 3D Study Mazes...
Inyuki, Jun 18 2012

       //where has everyone gone ???//   

       Pssst - go check out [ytk]'s new value for pi (or Bob). Everyone who's anyone is there.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 18 2012

       Except for waugsqueke, FarmerJohn, Starchaser, polartomato, pertinax, k_sra, st3f, FloridaManitee, thumbwax...
RayfordSteele, Jun 19 2012

       I'm in Brisbane chairing a conference which even I find boring.
AusCan531, Jun 19 2012

       Somebody who's been away for a while seems to come back and post one of these queries about once every three months. Plus, some of the Old Breed still pop in from time to time. Wasn't [waugs] here last summer?
Alterother, Jun 19 2012

       yo, [gizmo]!   

       [jutta] says this isn't an idea, but I think you could turn this into one where we look at each individual baker's periods of presence/absence on the bakery and convert them into tones and pauses, generating a sort of multiplexed Morse sending slowly frantic messages into /dev/null
lurch, Jun 19 2012

       None of what we do here is really ideas, or ideal.
UnaBubba, Jun 19 2012

       Lurch, I like the sound of this idea, I wonder if we could apply an index of productivity and match it to the global economy. Perhaps it could be correlation to lack of work rather than causation due to our increased productivity, by my calculations that would make us all ..[tap tap on calculator] .. erh.. Greek? Can anyone confirm this, I for one am not Greek, so you guys must be "even more" Greek.
PainOCommonSense, Jun 19 2012

       //None of what we do here is really ideas, or ideal.//
[marked for tagline]

I don't know about the others, but I just went for a walk...
Canuck, Jun 19 2012

       Pinging S-Note [] with 32 bytes of data   

       Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128 Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128 Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128 Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128   

       Yup Im Here!
S-note, Jun 19 2012

       I just can't rid myself of the thought that apart from me there are about 10 posters on here under maybe 10 accounts each. I hope I'm wrong but it all seems too orchestrated and the 0-1000 voting doesn't help.
Phrontistery, Jun 19 2012

       //None of what we do here is really ideas, or ideal//   

       Ideal, ideas, idiom, idiots. Isn't that the declension of something in Latin?   

       Anyway, Sturton is back, and the intercalary will be allowed back into the country as sure as they're convinced that what he has isn't infectious to humans.   

       I've urged them both to get their own accounts, but they've declined. Sturton sends his best wishes. The intercalary sends a jpeg of a bite mark and wants to know if I can guess what it was.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 19 2012

       I think you're paranoid, [Phront]. Most of the regulars here have a unique enough writing style that I could probably pick them out without seeing the name.   

       Hey, that gives me an idea…   

       …unfortunately, someone thought of it 11 years before I did.
ytk, Jun 19 2012

       If you think a throwaway comment is indicative of paranoia, ytk, you're the one with the problem. I noticed that there's an inner circle here because there is one and if that makes you bite back then you have an even bigger problem.
Phrontistery, Jun 19 2012

       No halfbakers have penetrated my inner circle.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 19 2012

       10? 10 users? You've gotta be kidding me. There are definitely no more than 8 and possibly fewer than 6, including you, me and [jutta], [Phront].
UnaBubba, Jun 19 2012

       I make 18 different users annotating this idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 19 2012

       //copied illegally by Vegans // I'm not sure copyright extends that far.
FlyingToaster, Jun 19 2012

       Whoa there, [Phront]. Bit of a persecution complex going on there…
ytk, Jun 19 2012

dentworth, Jun 19 2012

       Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there's not someone hiding in the bushes in the park across the road, sharpening a box cutter with your name engraved on the blade.
UnaBubba, Jun 19 2012

       Damn! You spotted me [UB]. <Goes off muttering to the cammo clothing shop to demand a refund>
AusCan531, Jun 20 2012

       //apart from me there are about 10 posters on here under maybe 10 accounts each.//   

       Can't speak for anyone else, but there's only one of me.
I'm pretty sure you just can't fake whatevertheheck I am.

       ...and if someone figures out what that 'is' exactly, I would greatly appreciate knowing.   

       That's easy [2 fries]. You are [link] minus 2 plus a hamburger and a small drink.
AusCan531, Jun 20 2012

       Don't forget the toy!
ytk, Jun 20 2012

       Mea culpa. <Shamefacedly hands over toy and trudges away>
AusCan531, Jun 20 2012

       I just come and go. But I do miss this place when I don't get to hang out and see what new in the HB.
dev45, Jun 20 2012

       Crap. I do see spots in front of my eyes, and depending on who you ask I smell like garlic, roses, or, (according to east Indian buddies), spoiled milk. Thankfully bananas have not been mentioned.
I was almost sure that there'd be 42 fries in a happy meal...

       I agree with [lurch] [gizmo], turn it into an idea and no mfd.   

       I've been changing litter boxes, fixing a tractor, driving until my butt hurts, then doing laundry.
baconbrain, Jun 20 2012

       Of course it's not [big]. You forgot a left handed 1/4-20 bolt and the small radish. An m6 will work in a pinch, but the clone always seems to end up with a German accent.   

       Just don't use a right handed thread, the Government barely managed to cover up the last one.
MechE, Jun 20 2012

       I think that was what Douglas Adams meant, [2fries].
UnaBubba, Jun 20 2012

       Well, maybe we could count off and see how many people are here.   

       Ok, 1
not_morrison_rm, Jun 20 2012

UnaBubba, Jun 20 2012

MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 20 2012

       Define 'people'.
AusCan531, Jun 20 2012

       1 + guest
Alterother, Jun 20 2012

       here (ok, ok, finally, the obligatory "you rang?")
lurch, Jun 20 2012

       I *was* here.
Canuck, Jun 20 2012

       Define 'here'.
ytk, Jun 20 2012

       Cameo appearance by me.
blissmiss, Jun 20 2012

       I'm still seeing only 1, and maybe a half.
UnaBubba, Jun 20 2012

       I am not here. I am just a filament of your imagination...
Klaatu, Jun 21 2012

       // 1 + guest   

       Is it possible to have a +1 account at halfbakery?   

       I'm still waiting for my HB points card to be delivered.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 21 2012

       No, my guest is the rhinoceros. I need someplace to keep him for a few weeks while we clear away all of the life- size inflatable Rudolf Hess dolls that keep mysteriously appearing on the Institute's front lawn, or else we'll never get a proper veldt built. I hope nobody minds.
Alterother, Jun 21 2012

       If you don't start bringing your friend with the horny nose to parties, [Alter], we're going to start believing you're just a pro-gay-marriage campaigner who merely has an imaginary significant other.
UnaBubba, Jun 22 2012

       I'm only hear in 1/4 of the parallel universes I know about, so I may or may not be hear.   

dev45, Jun 22 2012

       Alright, do you want me to bring the rhinoceros or my wife? Because it's a very long drive, and the two of them do not get along. Our trip to Yellowstone last summer was the most hellish experience of my life.
Alterother, Jun 22 2012

       I'm not surprised. Taking the wife of a road trip with a friend who's sporting a constant, 18in horn for 3,000km would try anyone's patience.
UnaBubba, Jun 22 2012

       Yeah, and it was really imbalancing the motorcycle, too.   

       Oh, I am pro-same sex marriage, but I don't go around shouting about it.
Alterother, Jun 22 2012

       I don't blame you. I'm sure there can be few things so disconcerting as waking up to find the Westboro Baptist Congregation on your front lawn.
UnaBubba, Jun 22 2012

       Even worse than the Rudolf Hess dolls.
Alterother, Jun 22 2012

       //<waves> -- po, Jun 18 2012// <waves back>&#8212;hippo, Jun 18 2012   

       <waves back 2>
neelandan, Jun 22 2012

       I wouldn't mind finding the WBC on my front lawn. It'd give me some much-needed bow-aiming practice.
RayfordSteele, Jun 22 2012

       Hey guys - Don't worry, I've got a few ideas in the "quarter-bakery" and as soon as they pass 37.5% baked they will be ready for posting here :)
phundug, Jun 23 2012


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