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Wind powered chainsaw

The wind cuts down the darn tree....what else do you want
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Ok, a chain or rope with blades or abrasives tied to branches that get moved by the wind actually cut the tree down albeit real slow(we have time until the next forest fire). Seems many could cut a swath thru the forest to cut off a forest fire and save bambi and friends making smokey quite happy. Still working on wind powered wood stacking and delivery to enviro friendly eco wood burning stoves near you. Its waiting on my smokeless no emmision fire to take off but its a start we certainly will need.
ussmillerco, Apr 03 2013

swaying_20tree_20power [spidermother, Apr 03 2013]

USS Miller http://en.wikipedia...USS_Miller_(DD-535)
[xandram, Apr 04 2013]

Evolution in action...maybe http://www.usatoday...oad-deaths/1988363/
could bethat nesting on skyscraper ledges contributes equally... [4whom, Apr 05 2013]


       Not sure what the stated goal is here. Modern cutting operations are turning more and more towardselective harvesting rather than cutting 'swathes'. Slow-moving saws can't cut firebreaks fast enough to make a difference. Cutting firebreaks before the fire starts rarely works. Not only is it impossible to predict the origin of a forest fire and very difficult to predict the path of one once it's started, but cutting swathes of forest leaves large amounts of slash and dry mulch lying around waiting for something to set fire to it. Finally, Bambi can save himself; he always does. Welcome to Halfbakery!
Alterother, Apr 03 2013

       At least try Product: Tool category.
This category is really inappropiate for this idea. I'm wary of the screen name as co at the end could imply a company...
xandram, Apr 03 2013

       Well, it would seem to work, albeit it slowly. I suppose just using a portable windmill would be possible?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 03 2013

       I think the suggestion here is to use the ambient motion of the trees to cut themselves against a fixed cable saw, which wouldn't even work: in order to remove material from the cut, each cutter (tooth or whatever) must completely clear the kerf. There isn't nearly enough lateral movement at the base of a tree to make this possible.
Alterother, Apr 03 2013

       I read it as the blade guide is clamped against the tree, but actuated by the branch movement.
MechE, Apr 03 2013

       The username has a history on the web and appears to be legit at a glance.   

       I interpret the idea in the spirit of a low cost wind driven saw device, that a forester could carry a bunch on a walk and install them in fortuitous locations previous to the windy season.   

       It would be entertaining to watch one of them at work.   

       I agree with the suggested category choice. Welcome to the Halfbakery [ussmillerco].
normzone, Apr 03 2013

       I didn't even think of that...around here we call them widowmakers.
Alterother, Apr 03 2013

       Other than 'widdermakers' you need to cut an initial notch into the tree to, not only influence the direction of its fall, but keep a cutting blade or band from binding. Your ring/band/chain saw will get pinched before it can cut deeply enough to fell the tree in a single season... in which case you just need to cut the cambrium layer and wait for a year.
(+) for sure though.

       [normzone] Thanks for checking that, I was just curious, but found out about the real USS Miller!
xandram, Apr 04 2013

       I see the idea as a riposte to the greenies who moan about logging. "Hey, I used wind-power, so it's OK, right?"
angel, Apr 04 2013

       That much was clear, and I'm all for sticking it to hypocritical activists who don't know the first thing about the environment they think they're saving (and their place within it).   

       For that matter, I'm all for harnessing wind power _and_ for needlessly complicated and largely unnecessary devices that accomplish a useful task at 1.3% of the speed attainable by currently existing methods. I just want to see that the damn thing could work.
Alterother, Apr 04 2013

       Thank you for all the kind words and all the support your posts gave me to continue onwards. I know theres minor quirks to my revolutionary idea and doubts are the new currency of the day. Im however undeterred by such skeptics to see this idea to fruition. Those quirks like actually waiting years for the tree to fall( even if it does only succumb to old age), and the uncertainty of when it falls creating hazzards, or the huge amount of slash that would need to be harvested ( not sure how ill figure the timeframe) but im determined to tackle these and any other issues in the most eco friendly way possible. As for my handle username If it offends anyone at all for anything i will change it free of all charges and consider paying reparations worthy of such offensiveness provided they are proven beyond a reasonable implied mutual individual consent. I can assure you i am not and have never been affilliated with any company or companies, businesses, for profit or non profit, religious or non religious entity or any governmental tax exempt or otherwise worthy or non worthy enterprise whatsoever so help me god( unless that offends you and then so help me mother earth or similar). My ideas are for everyones use. Thank you and good day.
ussmillerco, Apr 04 2013

       Atta boy.
Alterother, Apr 04 2013

       Would it not be ecofriendlier to construct a wind- powered ambulatory tree feller, akin to Theo Jansen's Wind Beasts?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 04 2013

       can we discuss how ridiculously dangerous this idea would be now?
WcW, Apr 05 2013

       Hello [uss]. I'm sorry for assuming the co meant company, but we had just been bombarded with some spammers trying to sell things. Keep posting halfbaked ideas and we'll keep reading them!
Please do check out other categories, though. There are so many that one shouldn't have use General. Esp. the Halfbakery: General!! That is used for Halfbakery ideas only.
xandram, Apr 05 2013

       You only get a bun from me if the cutting device is attached to the tree it cuts down. I want to see how many generations it takes for trees to evolve more streamlined configurations. Like the urban swallow with shorter wingspans. You know... for avoiding cars.
4whom, Apr 05 2013

       //one shouldn't have use General. Esp. the Halfbakery: General!! That is used for Halfbakery ideas only.// I always assumed Halfbakery: General was for ideas relating to the chain of command at the HB.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 05 2013

       I assumed that 'co' meant 'commanding officer' or some other reference to rank, although that seems unlikely for a ship that was scrapped in the 70s.
Alterother, Apr 05 2013

       [uss]: category, change it, thanks.
FlyingToaster, Apr 05 2013

       Ahem... Note that I posted this idea as part of my Swaying Tree Power (link). <hypocrisy mode> Kindly remove this offensive duplication at once! </hm>   

       Nah, just kidding. Welcome to the halfbakery!
spidermother, Apr 06 2013

       This is kind of Dr Kevorkian, but for trees....
not_morrison_rm, Apr 07 2013

       <shakes magic eight-ball>   

       ~It Is Deciduously So~   


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