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Whitehat Admin Game

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I wonder if its possible to have a game that is somewhat similar to UPLINK:Hacker Elite, but where you are an admin protecting servers.

You start as a small time highschool computer admins, tracking down log entries, and detecting intrusion attempts by students trying to change their marks.

Over time you will improve your job searching skills, till you reach perhaps, 'NORAD IT Security Analysis' position, trying to keep Soviet Russia from disabling your nuclear silos or stealing important classified military hardware specs.

Maybe with each job levels, you uncover different levels of conspiracies... from petty 'highschool bullying coverup', to massive Soviet infiltration of administration position in government.

Maybe some things will be too hard for you to tackle, and perhaps you may hire a hacker from Uplink Corporation. Who knows. All I know is somebody needs to make this game.

mofosyne, Sep 18 2012

Exploit Exercises http://exploit-exercises.com/
Depending on how you define "game", these are pretty fun too. [swimswim, Sep 29 2012]

Uplink: Hacker Elite http://www.introversion.co.uk/uplink/
Referenced in the description. You play a black-hat hacker, the opposite of this invention. [Rory O'Kane, Oct 02 2012]


       Seems like a good concept, as there needs to be an alternative to first person shooters.
rcarty, Sep 18 2012

       Is this the first level?
<HTML> <DIV style="border:1px:" onclick="var hb_idea='Delete from ideas WHERE uid=1347978689'" /> <HTML>
leinypoo13, Sep 18 2012

       The Chinese are more of a threat than the "Soviets", since the Soviet Union has been defunct for quite a few years now. This is not to imply that Russians or Ukranians or others from that area might be a threat (just don't call them "Soviets", please).
Vernon, Sep 18 2012

       — Vernon   

       Uplink was set during the 80s, this game may be set in that era too. Where modems go beep bloop.
mofosyne, Sep 30 2012

       I keep reading this as "Whitebait Admin Game".
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 30 2012


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