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XBox/Playstation Radio

Listen to Kickin Music on Your XBox/Playstation
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The Xbox and Playstation have microphones available for talking to other players while playing them over the internet. It would be cool if a company had a radio station over this format. It would be free because there would be advertisments on it like the radio. It would be nice because the music that the games come with gets old quick. Maybe people could make music and sent it to the dj. If the djj likes it they could play it for nationwide xboxes/playstations.
Rexaldo, Dec 21 2002

Qcast Tuner for PS2 http://www.thinkgee...s/ps2/ps2soft/5c3b/
Play PC audio and video files on your TV [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]


       I kind of like this idea. I think that some folks might complain about their bandwidth being consumed like this but then, it would be their choice to subscribe or not.
bristolz, Dec 21 2002

       I can see where this would have appeal to the folks that enjoy gaming. I wonder if there are any "dj" games.
half, Dec 21 2002

       It would be even nicer if Xbox actually had more than 3 games that make use of its ability to play music off the hard drive while playing games.
AfroAssault, Dec 21 2002

       You can play files from your networked PC, on your TV using the "QCast" [link]. Now they just need to do streaming audio and your idea would be a reality.
Amos Kito, Dec 21 2002

       I can see it now, Blasting alien brains to bits while listening to barney... "I love you, you love - BLAM BLAM BLAM!"
barnzenen, Dec 23 2002

       I would not be surprise to see MS coming with this kind of thing, it's SOOO them. Hey dude, go in marketing, this idea rocks!
mading25, Jan 21 2003

       There's no way it would be free. As it is, free internet radio broadcasts are on their way to being stamped out if the RIAA has their way about it. They want world wide domination, not just in the USA... which is odd concidering the last A is for America. *shrug*   

       You'd have to join some pay service to get it. I can seem them throwing it as an addon for an existing pay service as a freebie or a small extra fee. Other than that, it's a no go from a realistic standpoint.
ArmoredHeart, Feb 03 2003

       http://www.xboxradio.com :)
Emerica, Feb 09 2003

       I like the idea but what if you could turn your x-box or ps2 into it's own little radio station and broadcast it to other people.
Itsmy6, Dec 20 2004


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