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What could possably be the worst game ever...
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After a lot of reflection caused by playing the King Arthur game, i thought that you couldn’t make a worse game if you tried... Well this idea is so bad it would make your eyes peel themselves like grapes...

A cell-shaded, bull-riding, real time strategy that you had to use the Nintendo power glove to play...

Darkhatalliance, Feb 04 2005


       Actually, I'd play this. Welcome, friend. We've been expecting you.
DesertFox, Feb 04 2005

       [Hat] - link me up that game so I can marvel at its badness. Really, though, a mechanical bull riding game is not too far from those dancing games that are so popular. I envision a powercodpiece instead of the powerglove. Riders would strap it on, then buck, gyre and airhump the virtual bull! Yow! Yah! Where's Johnny T? Urban Cowboy II!
bungston, Feb 04 2005

       Didn't you play Hydlide?
Mr Burns, Feb 04 2005

       This very strongly smacks of rant. What's wrong with RTS and cell shading? Aesthetically maybe you don't like them, but only the nintendo power glove is really overtly "bad" in my opinion.
5th Earth, Feb 05 2005

       Cel shading is something that can be either good or, usually, not so good. Depends on the shader, the engine, and the the artist.
bristolz, Feb 05 2005

       And furthermore, all the remastered hyper-pancreatic quantum rendering crap in the world doesn't make a bad game good. But that's an old rant.
Detly, Feb 05 2005


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