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Win the game, Get a Tee

I beat halo9000> on ULTRA LEDGENDARY CRAZY mode, and all I got was a T-Shirt!
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At the end of the game, if you complete it on super-duper ultra hardass mode, it will give you a one time generated code. (Essentially its a key generator, which includes data on your name, and score)

Simply mail, or email the code to the publisher, and you will get a free T-shirt. As well as a place on the game publisher's high score board.

Of course eventually the keygenerator will be cracked. But that abuse can be minimized, if pragmatically you also ask for the serial code of the game. Also, the first few people to beat the game (which should be a separate high score board, to the 'point scoring' board), are unlikely to be hackers.

tl;dr : Win Game, Send Code, Get Tee, Brag On

mofosyne, Mar 23 2011


       Does it ship with an 'I'm With Stupid' shirt for your significant other?
RayfordSteele, Mar 23 2011

       — RayfordSteele- In keeping with the tradition of publisher squeezing out as much cash off the consumers. Yes, but only if you buy the limited edition version of the game, or if you purchase a DLC content that is essentially a key to unlock a part of your own game cd in what would have been free in previous game.
mofosyne, Mar 24 2011


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