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Whither Bristolz?

Happy 31st Birthday ?
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What has become of our muse, Bristolz? No ideas nor annos since end of March?

Anyway, happy birthday! to her if appropriate.

[marked-for-reconsideration] after suitable interval.

csea, May 12 2006

bristolz bda reference http://board.dogbom.../member.php?u=14160
basic google search [csea, Jul 14 2006]

bristolz migraines? Migraine_20Visual_20Aura_20Simulation
possible explaination for absence [csea, Jul 14 2006]

Bristolz bristolz
In memoriam [imaginality, Sep 19 2006]


       best wishes to you, bris.
po, May 12 2006

       She's been busy polishing her guns and star, partner.
methinksnot, May 12 2006

       Merry born-mas, Bris!
Letsbuildafort, May 12 2006

       Happy [Bris]-day.
hidden truths, May 12 2006

       indeed, what news fair [Bris] ? happy B'day
neilp, May 12 2006

normzone, May 12 2006

       A mere 31? You're just a young'un, lass. Happy birthday to you and I hope your year is filled with laughter and tears.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 12 2006

       Felicem diem natalem! (31!? Ancient language required)
Shz, May 12 2006

       Yes, Whither Bristolz?
skinflaps, May 12 2006

       Yes, where is she? Happy birthday, trouble, wherever you are.
moomintroll, May 12 2006

       Many half returns!
DrCurry, May 12 2006

       Well, since we can't get her a cake, I'm hoping for at least 31 croissants for bris.   

       Also, what [NotThe] said - you're so young!
Canuck, May 12 2006

       Happy birthday [bris]   

       I am happy to provide croissant #15 - almost "half"way there!
phundug, May 12 2006

       31? Why, that's my age.
RayfordSteele, May 12 2006

       Happy 00011111rd Birthday Bris. Just three bits to go til you're a byte. :)
silverstormer, May 12 2006

       Very happy birthday [bristolz].   

       I'm a day late, but HB birthday anyway, Bris!
lostdog, May 13 2006

       Happy birthday, bz. Hope you're having a good day with the family.
st3f, May 13 2006

       Would the suitable interval end after a certain time or when Bristolz comes home? Merry birthday by the by.
fridge duck, May 13 2006

       [Sincerely hoping the silence on the part of the birthday girl reflects good circumstances, not bad ones.]
DrCurry, May 13 2006

       Happy birthday Bris and a prime year it is.
sartep, May 13 2006

       I gave the thirty-first one!   

       Happy Birthday!
notmarkflynn, May 14 2006

       Oh well, now I have to take my croissant off to bring it to a round 31. Thanks a lot, person after [notmarkflynn].
hidden truths, May 14 2006

       Many happies [bris] - see you back here soon!
wagster, May 14 2006

       There once was a 'baker called bris
Who decided to go on the piss
For it was her birthday
She was just over thir-tay
And now she is sadly amiss.

       See you when you sober up. Many happies.
PS - I'm not the thirty second croisant. Honest.
Fishrat, May 14 2006

       Um...she always was a miss, unless I *really* missed something.
DrCurry, May 14 2006

       Happy Birthday [bris]!
DesertFox, May 14 2006

       C'mon, guys, keep it at 31. I think that's better than having a lot of buns.
notmarkflynn, May 15 2006

       OK [nmf] I've neutralised my vote - I like the idea of having one's birthday greetings dialled out in votes. Happy birthday [bris]!
zen_tom, May 15 2006

       Coincidentally [zen_tom], my 100th birthday is coming up, and I intend to post my next idea to coincide with it.
hidden truths, May 16 2006

       there ya go, Happy? now where is the birthday girl, my ice cream is melting.
dentworth, May 16 2006

       Yay - 31! Heh - the votes don't *have* to be positive ones [ht]!
zen_tom, May 16 2006

       Personally, I think Bristol should get a hundred croissants, for being wiser than her years. So I'm not going along with your little scheme.
DrCurry, May 16 2006

       Still 31 votes... I'm with [DC] on the hundred though. Many happy returnings, or we'll miss you.
david_scothern, May 16 2006

       I wuv a pawty !!! Halfby Biwfday Bwis !!!
reensure, May 17 2006

       Belated Hippo-birdies 2 Ewes
Dub, May 21 2006

       perhaps [bristolz] is hiding here... //Soft, blonde wood; an exposed beam ceiling; butter soft leather chairs; a woolen afghan blanket for my feet; walls lined with books; a large globe; a small, quiet refrigerator with an array of finger sandwiches and chunks of dark chocolate; a fresh ginger and Belvedere martini, stirred to the consistency of a frozen cloud; the smell and sight of the shore with the distant natterings of children and gulls at play in the waves; a brass telescope; the decadent meow of a middle-aged cat; jazz piano from the house next door and the spun yellow-gold of sunlight, blended with the ice of a blue sky, peering in through a cucoloris of coastal trees.//   

       If so, she's happy.
ConsulFlaminicus, May 21 2006

       that's lovely consol. you reading out of Conde Nast magazine?
dentworth, May 21 2006

       keep up, dent.
po, May 21 2006

       Now who voted against this? (Unless it was [bris], in which case I can't really complain)
hidden truths, May 21 2006

       [po]what did I miss?
dentworth, May 21 2006

       You haven't missed anything [dentworth] :) that passage was a submission from the birthday girl herself to an idea about a business providing short time stress relief rooms in big cities.
ConsulFlaminicus, May 22 2006

       I have not seen anything by [Bristolz] at all since this post. Did I miss something here?
notmarkflynn, Jul 12 2006

       Having originated this post, I'm a bit sheepish to admit that I based the birthday wishes on the slenderest of references,
My sincere apologies to all if this is not the same bristolz. I felt some affinity for her as another west-coaster, as I have lived in the San Juan Islands occasionally for most of 50 years.

       Another recently surfaced reference on the HB:
seems to indicate that she had suffered from migraine headaches, I sincerely hope not HB-induced!

       I do hope that she will return soon.
csea, Jul 14 2006

       //Folks, once again, I have to leave the HB frivolity. This time I believe I won't be back. Life intervenes. Thanks to all for the very interesting time I have had here as well as the chance to become a fledgling artist at your expense. Alas, I never took the effort to do the one drawing I really wanted to do: A Map of the Halfbakers Heart, complete with the Tropic of Custard and other areas of geographic interest.   

       Take good care, all and try not to drive Jutta crazy.   

       -bz 4 Nov 03//   

       Well, she came back that time, so...?
wagster, Jul 16 2006

       I've added a link to the [bristolz] thread, in case any newbies come across this thread first and don't know the reason for her absence.
imaginality, Sep 19 2006

       Thanks, I should have done so earlier.
csea, Sep 21 2006

       I really thought she'd just turn up in a few weeks.
wagster, Sep 21 2006

       Indeed. Reads differently, the second time round, doesn't it?
david_scothern, Sep 30 2006


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