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Use Smartphone as customizable and upgradeable Wii contoller
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One of the coolest downloadble applications available for the HTC G1 is Gmote, which syncs your computer with the G1 smartphone using WiFi and allows the phone to be used a remote control for the computer, useful for such applications as viewing movies, listening to music, or delivering slideshow presentations. I got to thinking and decided that this would be perfect for use with the Wii video game system.

Rather than purchasing new controllers for every new game that comes out with unique settings that require a different kind of controller, such as steering wheels, joysticks, etc., it would make much more sense to be able to download an application to a touchscreen smartphone that can simulate virtually (literally) any required control function.

Basically, the way it would work is if you need a steering wheel for a game, you'd download the steering wheel application to the smartphone, then use the phone as the steering wheel. The G1 is perfectly suited to this application, as is the iPhone and probably the soon-to-be-released Palm Pre, because they (not sure yet if the Palm Pre does) have inbuilt motion sensors that already allow such applications as the bubble level tool and compass to be simulated simply by tilting the phone. Joysticks could be simulated and controlled on the touch screen, as could any button configuration imaginable. And if the WiiGmote application was programmed right, you could use the camera and volume side buttons on smartphones that have them as shoulder buttons like those on PlayStation controllers.

Get the most out of your phone, and save yourself a lot of money. Download WiiGmote today, and never buy another controller again.

***I'm not sure if the Wii is WiFi capable or not, so this may require a modification of the Wii. But it would be SOOOO worth it!

21 Quest, Apr 14 2009

Assortment of available Wii controllers http://www.bestbuy....ory&id=abcat0715015
My idea would definitely allow a G1 or iPhone to simulate at least 4 of the controllers on this list, including the remote controller, nunchuck, Nintendo Classic, and steering wheel. It would probably be able to also simulate the zapper gun and Nyko Perfect Shot pistol if the G1's side buttons were incorporated. [21 Quest, Apr 14 2009]

Halfbakery: Wii-Ja Board http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Wii-Ja Board
Spin-off idea by yours truly. [zen_tom, Apr 15 2009]


       The Wii is WiFi compatable, I know this because I've been using this feature to post Miis on the Mii Contest Channel (Check Mii Out in the US) under the Mii Artisan name of Custodian.

       It's a good idea but would need a lot of cross-licensing as Nintendo probably make a fair bit from peripheral sales. Gaming companies like to be able to strictly control the people they work with; their developer contracts redefine the word "draconian". It would take a real leap of faith for other companies, who might not be expecting this, to reach agreement with them.
Aristotle, Apr 14 2009

       The Wii may be WiFi compatible, but the Wii controller isn't. It works by detecting IR signals transmitted by the Wii and uses these to work out its position, which it then transmits to the Wii via bluetooth. Thus, with a very low cost IR transmitter it's possible to hack together an 'electronic whiteboard' application for a bluetooth-enabled laptop - i.e. you 'draw' on the whiteboard with the Wii controller and the movement of the controller is captured on the laptop screen.
hippo, Apr 14 2009

       Licensing, of course, need not be much of a concern for a private third party offering this as an application download from a website. I can't speak for the iPhone, but when the G1 first came out there was a tethering application available, but T-Mobile (currently the only US carrier that has the G1) put a lot of pressure on the manufacturers to patch the OS in all phones manufactured afterword to be incompatible with tethering, rendering the download (on updated phones) useless. Almost immediately after that was done, however, some hackers discovered a way to "root" the phones, by downgrading the phone's OS to a pre-patch version that allowed the tethering download. Once the download was done, they re-installed the newer OS to get the full benefit of it, but the tether remained, thus they were able to get around it. You can find instructions for Rooting a phone online with a simple Google Search. My point, of course, is that even if HTC redesigns the phones to be incompatible with a Wii's WiFi, you can still Root the phone to get around that.
21 Quest, Apr 14 2009

       Ahh, so you would envisage "kludging" (or hacking) the interoperability side.

       Does this phone have IR in and Bluetooth out, as described by [hippo]?
Aristotle, Apr 14 2009

       I don't think it has IR, but it does have Bluetooth out.
21 Quest, Apr 14 2009

       "Rather than purchasing new controllers for every new game that comes out..."
Is this even an issue? I'm under the impression all games (aside from things like WiiFit and whatever rock band simulation games) use the joystick and/or nunchuck. And you're not likely to get people to stand on their iPhone while doing jumping jacks.
phoenix, Apr 14 2009

       In terms of additional controllers so far I've seen the Wii Balance Board (use for Wii Fit) and a Nerf gun (for a Nerf game) with 3 "special" bolts. These are controllers other than the standard Wii Remote and the Nunchuck.

       Most other things such, as steering wheels and leathal swords of death, appear to be casings that attach to the Wii Remote and/or Nunchuck.

       NB these are comments are in relation to products available for the Wii in European(UK) market, that I've seen in shops and online stores.
Aristotle, Apr 14 2009

       I have seen a steering wheel and a controller that is similar to a Playstation controller available for the Wii. My application would allow certain touchscreen smartphones to simulate these contollers, as well as serving as a backup nunchuck or remote in case the controls included with thew Wii get lost or broken.
21 Quest, Apr 14 2009

       Looking at your link it still seems that most of the extra "controllers" are casings with the rest being made to sell to the more impulsive shopper.
Aristotle, Apr 15 2009

       Your point...? Then this will be targetted at the more impulsive shoppers to save them money. The fact is, people would use this. I'm really not understanding all the negativity this idea's receiving. What's wrong with a customizeable backup controller that you can take with you to a friend's house on the spur of the moment? Aristotle, there are at least 3 controllers (remote controller, nunchuck, and Nintendo Classic) that are not sleeves, that are wholly complete and separate controllers, and this idea can simulate all three of them, so what exactly is your point about sleeves, and what on earth does it have to do with this idea? I'm really getting the impression this has something to with something other than the idea. There were at least a few positive votes here yesterday. What, did everyone have a meeting and decide to reverse your votes and only cast fishbones? I've not seen a single reason this couldn't work, nor a single reason why it shouldn't be implemented for those of us who would use it. What gives, guys?
21 Quest, Apr 15 2009

       [21] your title made me think of something else - which gave me an idea...

       I like the idea for an additional way to use a phone though.
zen_tom, Apr 15 2009

       My enthusiasm has simply been dwindling while I've been trying to explain Wii controllers. I've recently bought a Wii so I've been looking into this whole subject for sometime.

       Remember whenever you buy a Wii you get both the remote and nunchuck so why try to replace either of them?
Aristotle, Apr 15 2009

       Because it's always optimal to have a spare in case something happens to the original, and if you happen to be out and about away from home and a friend calls you over to his/her house to play on their Wii, you don't have to go home to get your controller.
21 Quest, Apr 15 2009


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