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Wii Tai Chi

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Tai Chi for the Nintendo Wii.
hippo, Sep 13 2007

Michael Sellam, Wii Tai Chi http://labs.bouleva...sh-festival-france/
(Search for Michael Sellam; text only.) The name of the described performance was "Wii Tai Chi". From the text, you can get an idea what it was supposed to look like - pity it didn't quite work. [jutta, Sep 13 2007]

Wikipedia: Wii Fit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wii_Fit
Upcoming pressure-sensitive pad, with software geared towards adult fitness, including some yoga poses. [jutta, Sep 13 2007]


       How would score points?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 13 2007

       Probably would be a lot more fun as a (slow-motion?) simulation of combat. You could certainly use the Tai Chi moves for this purpose.   

       Hmmm... you could teach a sequence of movements, and then have a bandit attack where the sequence of movements will perfectly defend you from the bandits. Nice.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 13 2007

       Brilliant for a million reasons but esp. the name.
calum, Sep 13 2007

       sp: why.
po, Sep 13 2007

       I disagree with the good DrCurry - I think it's pretty clear how this is going to work, and the image of someone sloooowly moving around holding the two controllers is pretty damn funny. It's just not as bang-two-concepts-togethery as Wii knitting.
jutta, Sep 13 2007

       Excellent - turns a gaming platform into an exercise program. [+]
nuclear hobo, Sep 13 2007

       jutta: hm, yeah, hadn't gotten to those ideas when I read this.
DrCurry, Sep 13 2007


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