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Wii Suit

Sensors on knees, feet, head and elbows...
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...as well as the wand and nun-chuk. Enables kicking, jumping and running in games, as well as set piece tasks like climbing through a web of security lasers, turning into a ball in Metroid, or head butting streakers in sports games. Would also make FPS games a little fairer as endlessly strafing uber geeks would need to be super fit to run on the spot for so long.

This is so obvious I'm inclined to delete it immediately...


theleopard, Nov 15 2007

VirtuSphere http://www.virtusphere.com/
for [ed] [neutrinos_shadow, Nov 15 2007]

Cybersphere http://www.warwick.ac.uk/news/pr/230
(couldn't find a better link...) [neutrinos_shadow, Nov 15 2007]

This, for the wii http://www.moven.com/en/home_moven.php
[theleopard, Nov 16 2007]

Power Pad http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Pad
Nintendo has your back on this one from twenty years ago. [ironfroggy, Nov 17 2007]

The running plug-in for the PS2 http://www.newconceptgaming.com/?id=9
Recently had equity pumped into the company. [theleopard, Aug 18 2008]

3rd space vest http://www.tngames.com/products.php
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 18 2008]


       How would walking/running/strafing work without some sort of movable floor?
ed, Nov 15 2007

       //some sort of movable floor//
You need to add a Virtusphere (linky), although there's a similar device I like better (doesn't use a VR headset) that I can't find a link for (yet).

       (later) The Cybersphere is the other one, uses projectors on the outside of a translucent sphere instead of a headset - much better!   

       (Slightly off-topic I know, but...)
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 15 2007

       Yeah, can you imagine games like Dance Dance Revolution. Having to do arm waves while doing the roger rabbit.
rascalraidex, Nov 15 2007

       Everybody wants this. Not only would games be infinitely better, this would allow for virtual meetings and incredible robotic control. Mark my words, this will be baked before I release my final breath.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 16 2007

       The Virtusphere is certainly very cool but not really suitable for the average living room. What I had imagined was something closer to what [bigsleep] suggests. The directional control on the nun-chuk would denote which way you wished your character to move and then jogging on the spot would apply the speed.   

       This would also make crouching behind obstacles in the game more dynamic, allowing you to hide behind variously sized objects. Also the horizontal distance between the feet and head could translate to lean, allowing you to peak round corners. I also thought crawling along the gorund could be accomplished by lying on the floor and circling your forearms, forward and back. Like this: <does the locomotion>
theleopard, Nov 16 2007

       Get me a first person shooter and this suit with impact indicators and I'm set for the weekend. [+]
Noexit, Nov 16 2007

       Fighting games could get a little out of hand.
rascalraidex, Nov 17 2007

       Oh knoes, lag... *Imagines halo 2 style lag system*
xxobot, Dec 15 2007

       "FINISH HIM!"
RayfordSteele, May 12 2010


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