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Wii Teppenyaki Chef

Where Cooking Mama and Tony Hawk meet
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I was recently dining out at a Teppenyaki Grill, where the chefs cook on a hot grill table in front of the diners. I joked that they could make Wii game out of it.

There would be knives and spatulas that are controlled in each hand.

Points would be awarded for neat presentation of food and for various tricks that could be performed while making a meal.

Cut off the shrimp tails and flip them with the knife into the top of your chefs hat. Build a flaming onion volcano. Lose points when you have to flip something with tongs. Extra points for getting more air and flips, if the food lands on the correct (alternate) side and within a certain area of the grill (to keep various sauces and flavours isolated from each other).

Mister P, Feb 12 2008

Wikipedia: Cooking Mama http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooking_Mama
Influence mentioned in the subtitle. [jutta, Feb 12 2008]

Wikipedia: Tony Hawk http://en.wikipedia...Hawk%27s_Pro_Skater
Second ingredient mentioned in the subtitle. [jutta, Feb 12 2008]


       + Very cute.
Welcome to the halfbakery.
...flips flaming croissant...
xandram, Feb 12 2008

       Is it possible to miss and slice up the patrons by mistake?
DrCurry, Feb 12 2008

       Well, that's what Teppanyaki does to people...
hippo, Feb 12 2008

       I would buy this because the sushi bar where I work is installing teppenyaki grills in the dining room. Also I had considered halfbaking a sushi version, but this one makes more sense. [+]
jaksplat, Mar 13 2008


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