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Wind-powered dog whistle

Ultrasonic doggy-doo exclusion zone
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My neighbourhood is a doggy walking paradise, but owners fail to clean up after their dogs. The pavements are narrow and mostly unlit so .... well let's just say a flashlight is needed at night.

It's also pretty windy. I propose a structure that funnels wind from any direction into a Lex Luthor- sized ultrasonic whistle, repelling or stunning any dog within walking distance from my front door.

Either that or attracting every stray this on side of the city... what do y'all think?

FloridaManatee, May 24 2004


       I don't think that would do it. Better yet, use the ear- piercing- to- humans high frequency to repel the poor mannered dog *walkers*.
dentworth, May 24 2004

       I think this calls for a scent-sensitive version of those automatic cameras that catch people running red lights. Then set up a shaming web site titled "People who let their dogs crap on my lawn without cleaning it up". Or not.
Worldgineer, May 24 2004

       There are these dog training devices that contain a little spraycan filled with menthol or some other odour dogs dislike. A bark from them triggers the foul spray, teaching the dog to shut up when he's wearing the special collar.   

       Maybe you could create something similar with remotely operated deodorant cans and an motion detector a dog-height?
nietsch, Apr 09 2006

       What happens when there is no wind?
Pellepeloton, Oct 10 2006


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