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Wind Turbine Bungee Skydiving

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Human accomplishments in sport are diverse, numerous and occasionally fatal. Until now, however, one sporting avenue has been under-explored.

You will probably have wondered, as have I, why there is no discipline that combines the skills of rodeo, bungee-jumping and skydiving in a modern, eco-friendly way.

Wonder no more! MaxCo.'s sporting division is campaigning to have Wind Turbine Bungee Skydiving included in the next olympics. Given that the MaxCo.-sponsored team - the Flying Trolls - consists of the only two surviving individuals who are adept at this sport, we expect to bring home at least a silver.

WTBS (or "International WTBS" as it will be called once another team joins in) involves a long bungee rope, the far end of which carries a heavily-weighted steel-wire basket. The competitor stands within the 20m-diameter launch area, slightly to one side of a wind-turbine tower and, at the appropriate moment, swings and throws the weighted basket to snare the tip of one of the blades.

The other end of the bungee is, of course, secured to the ankles of the participant who, in due course, will be slung-shot skywards. A variety of techniques have been developed for avoiding the invevitable "face slamming into ground immediately before takeoff" fault (which incurs penalty points).

The combination of the bungee rope's natural bunge, plus the rapid upward sweep of the blade, can loft the experienced WTBSer to quite unexpected altitudes. (We have found that it is really quite important that the basket is designed to slip easily off the blade tip at the appropriate moment.)

Having reached maximum altitude (as recorded by the triangulation cameras), the WTBSer is free to perform a variety of skydiving manoeuvres, which are scored for style, complexity and duration. Finally, at the lowest altitude judged safe, the fast-opening parachute is deployed and the participant attempts to land as close as possible to the target marker.

MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 16 2015

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       Incorporating a bungee cord is probably not such a good idea. By stretching, it absorbs energy. If you want to fling someone at max speed, you don't want any flinging energy to get absorbed during the flinging.
Vernon, Nov 16 2015

       We did try it without a non-bungeing rope. It did not end well. To be precise, it did not begin well; the ending was pretty irrelevant after that.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 16 2015

       + for ideas with wind turbines
pashute, Nov 16 2015

       sp invevitable
pashute, Nov 16 2015


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