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A stroller that mimics the pre-natal environment
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That's pretty much it: A stroller that mimics the pre-natal environment as much as possible.

Warm, dark, and floaty, with muffled sounds from outside and the reassuring throb of a heartbeat.

smendler, Mar 30 2013


       You know you're lazy when you identify the loss of umbilical cord as the major turning point in your life.
rcarty, Mar 30 2013

       The only problem I foresee is that getting the kid back out of the stroller could involve a lot of pushing.
smendler, Apr 05 2013

       You could put a zipplable slit in it and call it The Macduff.
calum, Apr 05 2013

       For children 30 years and up (or older). Not sure you want to developmentally hobble your child on porpoise, sensory deprivation being what it is, even in REM cycles. Perhaps there is an argument for such a device for children on the autism spectrum, or some such syndrome, where minimising sensory input is advised.
4whom, Apr 05 2013

       A good idea for infants at least. [+]
xandram, Apr 05 2013

       Okay, from the title I assumed this was a gestation chamber-on-wheels for use with "preemies," or a mobile "man cave," or a custom van conversion...
whlanteigne, Apr 06 2013

       Excellent! Please provide an adult version for air travelers... [+]
Grogster, Apr 07 2013


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