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travel stroller

stroller that's lightweight and folds up into backpack
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Being a mother of two I thought it would be really great if a stroller could fold up into a small size and fit into some type of backpack. The ones these days are much too bulky after closing them. Then when the kid doesn't want to be in it anymore you don't have anything to push around needlessly.
kittymeow, Jun 30 2000


       Being a Dad of two (and a bit) I like the idea. However I can't help wondering if carrying something all the time it's not being used would be more onerous than simply pushing something.
Alcin, Aug 27 2000

       We have a tandem stroller (great for changing diapers and naps, as the front backrest folds down, and the back reclines), but it is far too heavy to carry anywhere, although it makes a great shopping cart, and always ends up with all kinds of stuff inside and hanging off of it.   

       A backpack type single stroller would be handy for the park, or other rough terrain, though I'm not sure that it would be less cumbersome in crowds. The cheapest type of strollers are often flimsy, but lightweight, and might lend themselves to the application of shoulder straps, if you have to carry the child and the stroller both.
Scott_D, Aug 27 2000


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