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two wheeled pram

to push through narrow spaces
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A pram with two wheels like a bike, ofcourse it would have to have some sort of crazy and insanely complicated gyroscopic device to stop it from falling over but it would be great to take on bush walks and stuff where there is a narrow track. Maby it could have offroad wheels and suspension too.
Gulherme, May 19 2004

(??) Bicycular Segway Prams http://www.halfbake...ar_20Segway_20Prams
Already HalfBaked. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       a segway pram.. (+)
neilp, May 19 2004

       or a bike with a gyroscopic cot on the back? moutain biking with your baby. cool
etherman, May 19 2004

       This might be good if you have a baby that's only a couple of inches wide. :) Otherwise, wouldn't a 4 wheeled version be fine if the wheels were inset a bit. It would be more stable than a 2 wheeled version, but less stable than the traditional version and so could still benefit from gyroscopic contraptions for added safety.   

       This brings to mind the one-wheeled gurney (litter, stretcher) used by rescue personnel to transport patients in rough terrain (mountain rescues and the like).
Gromit, May 19 2004

       Why not just ditch the back wheel and model it on a wheelbarrow?
iivix, May 19 2004

       it would help prevent people leaving children in prams unattended
andrew1, May 06 2005


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