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Workshop remote control

Turns off/ on noise generating equipment.
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I propose a remote control that can be connected to your shop's dust collector/ air compressor/ radio or any other noisy device. (Not including saws and drills for what should be obvious reasons.) The idea is that there are times when either the phone rings or you are having a conversation that you would like some quiet in the shop. It is difficult to hear when the air compressor is running and it is sometimes very disruptive to make your way to the controls to silence the thing. So I suggest a remote control you wear on your belt that can shut off/ turn on one or more devices either separately or as a group. The Shop Remote ™ would also be very convenient for when your spouse, mother-in-law, or bill collector calls. All you would have to do is hit the “intervene” button and your air compressor or dust collector would turn on causing so much background noise as to make conversation delightfully impossible. I know the technolgy exists to do this and a handy tinkerer could probably bodge the system together from a garage door remote. I would like to see it with a bit more sophistication.
CNIII, Jul 31 2006

Baked http://www.amazon.c...3?v=glance&n=228013
Here it is [jhomrighaus, Jul 31 2006]


       this is baked, see link
jhomrighaus, Jul 31 2006

       Hmm. Might be best if this only had an "Off" button. Wouldn't want to remotely power up your bandsaw at the wrong moment.
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 31 2006

       Well I'll be. Well I guess I'll have to place my order now and avoid the rush. Now if I can get them to make a remote with three or four circuits, I could control my radio, the lights, and fans.
CNIII, Aug 01 2006

       You could probably buy a few and change the signal on the base box to match your one remote? Not sure how sophisticated they are.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 02 2006


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