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Whatsisname button

A useful addition to your tv remote
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Have you ever tried to watch a film on television while a talkative friend or relative constantly asks questions? "Oooh, isn't that Whatsisname? What was that other thing he was in? You know, the one with her out of Whatchamacallit?"

I propose an extra button for the TV remote control, which when pressed would pause the picture, and link to a database such as imdb.com. Broadcasters could transmit data alongside the picture like they do with teletext, containing ID information for the actors currently on screen. Using the arrow controls on your remote, highlight the link for the actor in question and click to bring up their name and history of their entire career.

This should be bakeable with existing technology - but it might take some time to watch a film with forgetful elderly relatives.

tpoo22, Jun 27 2003

Talking Head Database Talking_20Head_20Database
Just a shameless plug... [LoriZ, Aug 04 2011]


       I like it, but it sounds famliar.
snarfyguy, Jun 27 2003

       <proud>I spotted the Prime Minister's father-in-law - Anthony Booth - playing a booze-addled jakey in the comedy cockney condom caper episode of Eastenders the other night.</proud>
my face your, Jun 27 2003

       what a pathetic piece of nonsense that was...
po, Jun 28 2003

       You also need a 'Whats happened' button.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 26 2009


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