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Yes, I'm Under A Cloud

But The Ceiling Is Not Falling
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Replacement tiles for your office drop ceiling. Arranged as puzzle pieces, these can be assembled together into the painting of your choice.

A few pieces above your cubicle, or an entire floor -- we print to fit.

Whether you're giving the finger to god or to the boss -- surely a matter of taste -- we have the tiles for you.

This idea would not be possible without the linked idea below.

theircompetitor, Nov 08 2005

Mona Lisa Ceiling Mona_20Lisa_20Ceiling
[theircompetitor, Nov 08 2005]

Fake Office Skylights Fake_20Office_20Skylights
[jurist, Nov 08 2005]

Baked http://www.colonial...php?productid=17845
Sky and other scenes for, appropriately, people who *are* under a cloud. [DrCurry, Nov 08 2005]

A one-off, and not exactly the painting I would choose for my ceiling http://www.cs.rice....anHall/ceiling.html
[DrCurry, Nov 08 2005]

Programmable Sky http://www.theskyfa...m/programmable.html
Programmable Sky [theircompetitor, Jun 24 2008]

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       Mmm Ill vote for this.
DesertFox, Nov 08 2005

       Hey!, Hey!, You! get out from under my cloud!
Zimmy, Nov 08 2005

       a huge sudoku puzzle to while away a boring afternoon.
po, Nov 08 2005

       How about removing one tile and painting the numbers 1 to 24 on all the others, then shuffle them and you've got that slidy tile puzzle thingummy going on. Put little motors on the backs of the tiles and you can play from the comfort of your desk. And when the boss comes in he'll be none the wiser unless he looks up.   

       Or how about going for the full solitaire jobby??? This'll make a fortune.
Jacob Marley, Nov 08 2005

       A great idea, plus it will give me an excuse to crawl around in the air ducts like an '80s action hero! [+]
DocBrown, Nov 08 2005

       Office prank: one morning the admin arrives to find the entire drop ceiling inside was removed and glued to the reserved parking area.
reensure, Nov 08 2005

       Photographically Baked (see link), but the painting of your choice part seems to be an opportunity begging to be filled. Talk to CafePress - they'd likely be a suitable distribution partner.
DrCurry, Nov 08 2005

       Nice find, [DrCurry]
theircompetitor, Nov 08 2005

       Maybe in another 10 years, flat-panel displays will be cheap enough that you can cover the entire ceiling (& walls) with them. One of the display options might be a live feed showing the sky above your building. That way, you'll know what the weather is like without having to go bother that guy down the hall who's important enough to have a real window.
luxlucet, Nov 08 2005

       tc: Hey, there's only one person here better at Googling!
DrCurry, Nov 08 2005

       Go me!
Jinbish, Nov 08 2005

       DrCurry's link no longer valid, alas, but here's a whole Programmable Sky. And luxlucet, it took less than 3 years.
theircompetitor, Jun 24 2008


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