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Youth Avatar Service

Ah, to be young again
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Older people often have money, but not health.

Younger people often have health, but not money.

So, the idea is that:

1) Young people sign up to be "avatars", for a price/hour, & describe the types of activities they do, on which days/hours. (Party on Sat night, play ultimate frisbee with friends Sunday 3pm)

2) Clients then pay to vicariously share in those experiences.

3) The young people wear cameras (google glass or equivalent), & collect fees based on the viewer(s).

Multiple viewers per client are allowed. Rating system encourages better matches. The website takes a small commission.

Even if the young person just hangs out & plays video games stoned, the old person may enjoy seeing that & treasure the preciousness of the carefree life.

sophocles, Apr 30 2014


       But old people can hang out and play video games stoned, too!
xandram, May 01 2014

       Don't know about the young/old thing, but this could be really good for remote hands/eyes or telepresence kind of thing. Instead of sending a clumsy telepresence robot, mount the an ipad onto an agile telepresence worker's chest and let them go do your thing remotely. The worker will be wearing balaclava in order to reduce awkwardness.
ixnaum, May 01 2014

       Initially read that as wearing baklava, which I think would be awkward to either wear or unwrap with all of that honey.
RayfordSteele, May 01 2014

       Yeah, and I'm not so certain that in this day and age wearing a balaclava does anything to reduce the social stresses - it's associated with snow and freezing wind in some parts of the world, and in the rest with police, military or other armed groups who don't wish to be identified.   

       The honey thing could be a challenge as well.   

       So, this is about paying to watch somebody else play. I think that's been done already with professional sports, and, despite my disbelief, professional poker.
normzone, May 01 2014

       I intend this to be more of an authentic experience from one regular person to another, across generations, to exchange real empathy & vicarious enjoyment, rather than just another celebrity POV camera. We'll see how the market reacts of course, in beta.
sophocles, May 01 2014

       [xandram] That's a good point. About 1/2 of the things the old people will enjoy watching are still within their personal capabilities, & this can act as a positive reminder to go do those things.
sophocles, May 01 2014

       [bigsleep] I didn't see that film (yet). Thanks for the link. The film is still sci-fi though, whereas the HB idea here is totally doable today, in real time. I'm even considering trying to launch it just to see. But, I start too many projects & finish few.
sophocles, May 01 2014

       You can use syrup instead of honey, if you don't mind a little loss of cohesion between the leaves. It lets the lemon, blossom and walnut flavours come through better.
pertinax, May 02 2014

       //But old people can hang out and play video games stoned, too!// Ha - most of my friends are 18 to 25 year olds and we do all sorts together. Age is no barrier to anyone.
xenzag, May 02 2014

       The thing is, 98% of what 98% of teenagers do is quite astonishingly boring.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 02 2014

       [MWB] True. But, "boring" is in the eye of the beholder.   

       I've seen grandparents very happy to watch their grandkids do boring things for hours.   

       Not to mention, that half of the internet traffic is people watching other people do boring stuff. (Pr0n actors aren't having fun after all, & most is, let's say, derivative if not totally uncreative.)
sophocles, May 02 2014

bob, May 03 2014


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