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a shoe for sale

get to buy a shoe at a time. not a pair
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like instead of $50 a pair, it'll be $25 per foot. you can mix and mach your right and left shoes. if you happen to have a pair of different size feet, then buy two different sizes of shoes. if you ruin one of a pair of brand new shoes, you can replace it. a person with only one foot (an amputee for example) would benefit from it too. I guess it'll create more trash from packaging......
procrastinator, Mar 07 2001

One each. http://www.myleftshoe.ca/
[whatrock, Apr 22 2019]


       People who can't dance can buy two left shoes.
Wes, Mar 07 2001

       Left foot? What size? How muchawant?
Wes, Mar 07 2001


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