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ball opener

prevents splashing from over fizzy pop
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Imagine a small goldfish bowl, upside down, with a handle on the top. Around the neck would be a gripper device to open difficult to undo fizzy drink bottles. If the bottle had been shaken (by my brother, or anyone else as a joke) the bowl which fits over the neck would catch the overspill. You could then pour the drink and the fizz into the bowl and drink it, without wasting any.
gizmo, Nov 26 2001

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       A toast to Family love and War and the riches you should be swimming in.
thumbwax, Nov 26 2001

       For some more information on carbonation, shaking, and how to strike back, see Penn & Teller's "How to Play in Traffic", "I am the God of Carbonation", page 76.
jutta, Nov 26 2001

       There would have to be a fairly tight seal between the neck of the inverted goldfish bowl and the neck of the bottle to prevent spillage down the side.
Unfortunately, this means that you will be delaying the equalisation of pressure until the goldfish bowl is removed, which won't help much (unless you always turn the bottle upside down). You'd need a fair-sized goldfish bowl to avoid this.
Lemon, Nov 26 2001

       Unless you changed the presure of the ball befor the bottle was opened. With a pump. Then it would equalise faster. The drink might all end up in the ball but thats a price we are willing to pay.
RobertKidney, Nov 26 2001

       You wouldn't need a pump, just some kind of vent you could open and close. It could be designed to minimise the amount of liquid that escaped (e.g. by making it a u-bend shape).
pottedstu, Nov 26 2001

       Or, to make it a bit easier, you could make a bong-like contraption (let's see if I can explain this).

On the one side, you have the pop can hole-and-gasket. On the other side, at a slight angle, you have a straw-like tube, which you can drink from. A little bit above that is a pluggable hole from which you can open the can. If you tinker with that idea, you could find a way to make the straw tube open the can itself.
AfroAssault, Nov 27 2001

       How about a big, sturdy rubber ball, with a large opening that you can seal, and a straw poking out of a much smaller opening.   

       Put the recalcitrant bottle in through the large opening. Seal it up. Stomp on the whole thing, smashing the bottle inside. Drink through the straw. Empty the contents into the trash when you're done.
egnor, Nov 27 2001


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