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a ball that seems like molton iron
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colg is an ball that is very hot like a ball of iron, it is also like a burger ball from blue bird brand.

it can be used as a battery, to be eaten for energy, as a bomb.

it is made from herbs n spices and certain minerals.

it cab be made from them mix in liquid of water in bucket, creates like lava that could burn through plastic, make sure to use metal bucket, a medieval blacksmith used it to enchant weapons and stronger form for tools, mixed with certain materials it can enhance it.

it is very useful. similar to philosopher stone OR is that it???? aristotles stone?

soniiiety, Dec 09 2021


       Ideas here are sometimes impractical, but should be just on the 'feasible' side of the 'feasible/impossible' divide. This doesn't seem to be and so, alas, is [marked-for-deletion] (see the 'marked-for-deletion' section in the Help page and the section marked 'magic')
hippo, Dec 09 2021

       That's a generous appraisal. Total bollox would be my evaluation.
xenzag, Dec 09 2021

       // it can be used as a battery, to be eaten for energy, as a bomb //   

       Tell me more about the bomb part. How would it be a bomb? What ingredients would you construct it with to make it explode?
whatrock, Dec 09 2021

       it will have dormant ingredient's such as magnesium/some type of acid, and manganese, it can only explode from trying to break it by impact   

       or if another particle or energy source interrupts stable flow of energy within such as a laser/radiation/electric/if it cools down too much   

       it be diluted   

       oh i forgot to say that once it is created it is safe to touch   

       it mostly emits light and glows, I was meant to say it was very hot when created   

       still remains the fiery look tho.   


       also hippo where should i post about this then? what website?
soniiiety, Dec 09 2021

       Hi [soniiety] - the Halfbakery does have some constraints on what's allowed and what works well. Again, see the 'help' page for more, but basically it's for original inventions which should be possible, even if they're sometimes whimsical or impractical. Occasionally, impossible inventions find a receptive audience here, but these are often impossible in very interesting ways. In general, if your idea doesn't get a good reception here, don't worry - delete it and think of a better one. If you want to have a website where you can post whatever you want, it's very easy to create a blog somewhere or to create your own website.
hippo, Dec 09 2021

       //similar to philosopher stone//
The "philosopher's stone" was the magical stuff to turn iron or lead (or something equally common) into gold.
What you describe is definitely not even trying to be that. Also, herbs & spices won't stay that way for long if it's at molten-iron temperatures.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 09 2021

       Wait; I think there's a way this could be rescued.   

       //a medieval blacksmith used it to enchant weapons//   

       This idea is for a plot device in a fantasy novel or film - right?   

       So, [soniiiety], you just need to make clear that you're presenting it as that, and not as a piece of technology.   

       Step One would be to put it in an appropriate category (such as Culture : Movie : Plot, or something). Step Two would be to explain how a movie with colgs in it would be better than or, at least, different from, other movies in the genre.   

       Have this croissant to sustain you while you absorb these lessons, but mind it doesn't catch fire. [+]
pertinax, Dec 09 2021

       This is a site for funny inventions that have some insight into plausibility or occasionally are clever enough to let the implausible go. This thing is neither.   

       My advice, read some of the best ideas to get a better flavor of what it's about.
RayfordSteele, Dec 10 2021

       I have been away for a while and this was amazing to read. Almost like [beanie] Is a scientist…
xandram, Dec 12 2021


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