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confirmation screen

allows you to confirm a deleted annotation in case you hit the wrong fergen button
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The summary says it all. We need a confirmation screen on that [delete] option. I accidently hit the delete link (stupid touchpad) and deleted a very beautiful annotation. Forgive me beaux :-(
pinkstar, Apr 19 2001

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       waugsqueke, I don't think the poster was deliberate in their deletion.   

       (But please, please, _do_ delete annotations, that's why I put that link there. Many of the annotations are stupid, off-topic, or grow old fast.)   

       I really don't want everything to take two round trips if I can avoid it; confirmation screens annoy me, so I've tried to keep them to a reasonable minimum (account deletion and idea deletion are rather big.)   

       If it's really important, you can always send email to bakesperson@halfbakery.com and explain; chances are, the annotation's text is still in a logfile somewhere and can be patched back in.
jutta, Apr 19 2001

       Undo beats confirmation any day, but that's probably a little much to ask.
egnor, Apr 19 2001

       Hey, how about ALL the links behave as described by PeterSealy? That would make things very exciting and would build stong, accurate mousing skills.
PotatoStew, Apr 19 2001

       damn my mouse flashed over this annote button for a couple of nanoseconds whilst i tried to access the Start menu.
pipp, Apr 19 2001

       How about a javascript confirm dialog (maybe it can be turned on and off in user options?)   

       just add onClick="code to popup a dialog box, return true if yes, false if no" to the delete link - IIRC, if an onClick event on a link returns false the link is not followed.   

       (i can come back with actual code to put in that spot if you want)
Random832, Mar 28 2005

       Jutta has, in the past, expressed something of a dislike for client side script but, hey, you never know, she may have changed her mind along the way.
bristolz, Mar 28 2005

       How about replace the delete link with a checkbox and then have a "delete checked items" link at the end of the page   

       this would of course be more work to implement, but could be done all server-side with only one round trip. one could even delete two or three in a single submit
Random832, Mar 28 2005

       That sounds neat - no pop-ups, no undo history, but two separate clicks would guard against accidents (like the one I had yesterday).
wagster, Mar 28 2005

       I submit that, with the rise of the mobile Web, it's high time to re-evaluate this proposition. It's just too damn easy to fat-finger the delete link on a phone. It makes it annoyingly difficult to use this site when a simple attempt to scroll could result in accidentally deleting an annotation.   

       Personally, I like the checkbox idea, except checkboxes are sort of unaesthetic. Perhaps some Javascript that changes the delete link into a confirmation link the first time you click/tap it?
ytk, Dec 06 2012

       What [ytk] said. This is still a good idea. [+]
8th of 7, Feb 09 2016

8th of 7, Sep 10 2016

       I'll try writing a userscript once I have less on my plate, if nobody else does by then.
notexactly, Sep 20 2016


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