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cubicle graffiti

blackboard/whiteboard walls for cubicles
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Public toilets are always covered in endless graffitti, which has been there for years- i.e. free nelson mandella!! in my local lounge bar. by the end, the walls are covered in endless graffitti, and no-one can read it. so, instead, the cubicle walls can be covered in the blackboard/whiteboard materials. then, the graffitti artists are free to doodle on the walls, with markers/chalk/erasers provided. at the closing time, a bar worker can just wipe the material off. the lounge can also use the walls to advertise meals, etc.


       Don't take it personally, but this is "baked" in quite a few places.
thumbwax, Dec 17 2002

       no offence taken, thumbwax.   

       How long would it take for the boss's cube to be covered with permanent marker?
RayfordSteele, Dec 17 2002

       The title made me think of a button-down, corporate remake of the classic Led Zepplin album.
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 17 2002

       (nick@nite) nice one.   

       Some dumb-*sses will still bring permanent markers.
Dickcheney6, May 01 2008

       Or pointy objects with which to scratch 'for a good time call-'
xxobot, Jul 04 2008


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