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instant win fruits and veggies
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We all know how instant-win prizes have been by the fast food industry and low-quality snack foods to promote their products. Open the soda cap, win a billion bucks, pop open the nachos, get a free SUV, win a free night at playboy mansion with an order of hash browns.

Healthy foods obviously can't compete with such insiduous advertising. Who's going to eat a peach when a Big Mac could win them a boat? This could be one of the leading causes of obesity in America today.

So here's an idea. Start advertising for instant-win fruits and veggies. Crack open a walnut, win yourself a carribean island. Find the golden orange peel on the inside, win a free trip around the world

Imagine somebody putting some popcorn into the microwave, only to find their microwave sputter and smoke. Inside, they find the Golden kernal that wins them not only a new microwave, but a new microwave dish.

Of course, I'm not talking about Smartfood or X-tra butter popcorn. Normal popcorn is better than other snack foods like chips or nachos.

Less complicated, you could just have "instant win" codes printed onto the labels pasted on the outside of the fruit. A billion dollars for an orange? I think so.

You could go for a fun approach with the nuts. Crack open a walnut and find gold dust or nuggets fall out.

[edited for random stuff and also because it won't let me annotate, for some reason]

BokononistMartyr, Jun 18 2003


       This is not a country. It is the internet.
Also, how do these instant win tickets get inside the fruit?
Also also, since when did popcorn count as healthy food?
my face your, Jun 18 2003

       How do you get the notification into a nut or a piece of fruit?
snarfyguy, Jun 18 2003

       close-up magic
po, Jun 18 2003

phoenix, Jun 18 2003

       of course you can annotate - and how you are juggling with our comments - makes me wonder!   

       if I win a big prize, I want to explore the US with qb - fingers crossed.
po, Jun 18 2003

       [po] There used to be another identical idea called healthyprizes where you left comments before and I believe [bok] deleted.
Worldgineer, Jun 18 2003

       therefore bok is a prat! making me look an idiot! <grin>
po, Jun 18 2003

       I am sorry for that, this is my first idea, and I was extremely confused as to how the system worked. I accidently posted another one in the General section, and realized too late my grevious deed. I have somewhat gained my bearings, and am sorry deleting your other comments. In any event, it's a crappy idea.
BokononistMartyr, Jun 18 2003

       Welcome Bok. I think it's a great idea. I am concerned with how to get the message into the natural packaging. However, maybe you don't have to. Many fruits and veggies have stickers or tags these days - maybe make them peel-and-win.
Worldgineer, Jun 18 2003

       Some healthy foods come in packages -- you could just put the game cards in there.
phundug, Jun 18 2003

       Yes! (and other food things in smaller packages for the -equivalent- price ratio-wise).   

       I really like this idea.
thecat, Jun 18 2003

       How do you get the notification into the "natural packaging"? Grow it around it like you sometimes see happen naturally. Now someone needs to come up with a way this could be done on a regular basis on demand.
thecat, Jun 20 2003


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