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heat conducting tie

smart yet cool
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Usually most men only wear a tie/shirt/jacket in stressful situations - customer presentations, wedding day, court appearances for example. If the wearer is not used to shirt collar being fastened/tucked in, the wearing of the said items along with the stress of the situation can lead to the body overheating, with the side effect of sweat stains and body odour. Not pleasant.

Fabricated from a copper alloy containing thread, the heat conducting tie would conduct the heat from the wearer's neck and keep him cool. And unlike the rotating bow-tie, he won't look a complete eejit. Almost.

See also Air-Conditioned Jacket.

slancaster, May 15 2001

Chilled. http://www.glaciertek.com/cooling.htm
Also available in 'concealable body-armor style' so you don't like quite so much the knob... [StarChaser, May 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       How about some copper mesh undies? If you could make them so they don't chaffe, you'd have a winner. Just put some large heatsinks in the back!
sh4linux, May 15 2001


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