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It looks sort of like you shaved, even though you didn't
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This is a flesh-colored* cream that you wipe onto your beard in the morning so your beard is less visible. It makes it less obvious that you haven't shaved.

It imparts a rubbery feeling to your 3-day beard that is actually rather pleasant and intriguing to the touch, rather than rough & scratchy.

It rinses out when you shower in hot water, and then you can either shave as normal or re-apply.

* (There are many different flesh colors, so this comes in a variety of shades.)

phundug, Feb 09 2006

Use this http://www.zuckerma...uct.cfm/561159.html
...and you won't be shaving tomorrow, either. [DrCurry, Feb 09 2006]


       It's a powder compact for men. Would actually be very useful for those men who look like they haven't shaved even when they have.
wagster, Feb 09 2006

       This idea is EXCELLENT! Great also for ladies who don't feel like shaving their legs or pits before a big night of desire
MissQT, Mar 15 2006


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