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neutral flavor drosophila/mouse food

Some of those research chemicals taste strange. It could affect actual dosing. microencapsulate the drug with a rapidly dissolving neutral flavor coating so it is consumed as avidly as placebo
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ok, lets say I want to feed aspirin to mice, to see if they live longer. You know what that tastes like. Even in drinking water, it could affect consumption. So, microcoating the drug before putting it in food could regularize consumption
beanangel, May 31 2017

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       [Ian] there is a bitter thing that causes sweet taste effect. Chewing on an ibuprofen causes other things eaten to taste sweet. I do not know what chewing on more ibuprofen once sweet-sensitizede might do. I get your idea though, and it might be possible.   

       One of the things that made me think of neutral flavor encapsulation of lab animal chemicals was that ibuprofen, published at causing greater longevity, makes other foods taste better, possibly modifying the total amount of food consumed
beanangel, May 31 2017

       But eating more makes animals live less long, so even if the ibuprofen has that effect, it must be outweighed by some other longevitifying effect of the ibuprofen.
notexactly, Jun 01 2017

       If you removed the fur and carapace, and added seasoning, I'm not sure I could tell whether I was eating mice or fruit flies anyway. Maybe the mice would be stringier.
pertinax, Jun 04 2017


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