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novelty bathroom spray

novelty bathroom spray
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Here's the set-up. One finds oneself in an unfamiliar powder room--and responsible for one mother of a stinky smell. Thank all of them gods allll at once that a thoughtful host(ess)has left out a handy dandy cannister of air freshener. "Phew" one thinks, picking up the can and pressing the nozzle: OMG HOLY FUCK!!!!!!! : not only does it release a smell more rank than a thousand smelly bums, but it sounds like a bijillion of the most rank farts ever known to man(and i mean man) kind. of course, all of this fun and humiliation comes packaged in a charming cfc-freeeee container with flowers and what nots. it's my first post, i'm wordy. in a sentence: novelty bathroom spray that makes a sound like a fart when you spray it and smells like shit. ha.
fancypants, Jun 03 2007

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       why would you be in this other person's bathroom? are you a burglar?   

       if you are a friend or relative, surely this person (who owns the bathroom) would like you to be comfortable not humiliated. if you were working in this person's abode, they would want a good job to be done and so they would surely treat you with the same respect.   

       btw, where does the sound come from exactly?
po, Jun 03 2007

       Hmm, air horn meets stink bomb, all in a handy, decorative spray can. Sounds like something only a guy would find funny.
For about 5 seconds.
Sorry, fancypants, but I must [-].
Canuck, Jun 03 2007

       hmmmmmm, now canned (as in spraycan) noise might be interesting.
po, Jun 03 2007

       [marked-for-deletion] gross-out humor, cruelty, flavor (pick one).
nuclear hobo, Jun 03 2007

       recipe..for poops.[-]
xandram, Jun 03 2007

       The idea should not be judged on whether we personally would buy the product.   

       // I know some adolescents (of all ages) that would buy this.//   

       //Sounds like something only a guy would find funny. //   

       If only stupid immature men would buy this, it's still got a potential market of around a billion. bunnage [+]
marklar, Jun 04 2007

       I'd enjoy seeing this on the market and I am quite mature.
phundug, Jun 04 2007

       Maybe it takes a certain type of humor to appreciate a good prank.   

       I'd imagine in a traditional spray can only long squeeky high pitched bum noises could work.   

Giblet, Jun 04 2007

       I do think this would be funnier without the giveaway noise, though. and there should be flowers on the can.
phundug, Jun 04 2007

       I beleive fancypants said flowers on the container, meaning can.
Giblet, Jun 04 2007

       Your right, he did say that, my bad.
phundug, Jun 04 2007

       Male or female, I think I'm in love with the inventor.
Giblet, Jun 04 2007

       it's a 'novelty' item. it's, like, supposed to be stupid and silly. i don't think i'd use it at myself as i would know the results. it's more for unsuspecting guests. 'cause it'd be stupid and silly.   

       it's an olfactory whoopee cushion--in a can!!
fancypants, Jun 05 2007

       [admin: there are enough real products in exactly this space to make me ignore the marked-for-deletion tag; this isn't any worse, or less marketable, than what actually exists.]
jutta, Jun 13 2007


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