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A pet to stroke and surf the net.
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We all know that pets suffer from the gross amount of attention put into using the internet and computers by their owners. Now the problem has been solved! A real mouse with suitable elecrical equipment and leads included can be yours so that you can 'pet'n'surf'. whilst waiting for things to download or even in a moment of relaxtion you can stroke the mouse to your heart's content. Not only is this relaxing for you but it gives your pet the attention it deserves and a funky, live computer accessory which can be used like a regular inanimate mouse. Possiblities in having pads attached to the feet in order to reduce scratching or 'tags' on your mouse mat.
Miss Weston Smith, Aug 27 2001


       That's sick. <Evil grin>
nick_n_uit, Aug 27 2001

       I assume you click its eyes?
Dog Ed, Aug 28 2001

       Thinking of practicalities, a cat keyboard would also be a good idea but you might have problems with cat and mouse together. Pressing the mouses' eyes is the idea but having thought further about it it would be nicer to have goggles for the mouse otherwise it could get messy for the animal and owner, particularly if you suffer from computer rage.
Miss Weston Smith, Aug 28 2001

       Phew... I thought this idea was going to be a pun based on the good ol' Surf 'n Turf -a dish consisting of seafood 'n steak...
sdm, Aug 28 2001


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