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political exchange

an exchange scheme for political leaders
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All leading democracies should introduce an exchange scheme for presidents and prime ministers. As an example Britain could welcome President Bush for, say, four months of his incumbency. He would have the opportunity to see a foreign country and learn the language and the British would have the chance to antagonise other nations, spy on them and reject responsibilty. In return America would enjoy the leadership of an ardent and committed fence sitter. If the scheme is a success we could introduce more interesting personalities like Mr Castro and Mr Pope.
griffin, Apr 21 2001


       I see. Spread the incompetence.
globaltourniquet, Apr 21 2001

       Oh, RIGHT. The U.S. will probably get whoever's in charge of the Taliband, who will nuke all non-Islamic countries, as well as the ones he deems not Islamic enough. Whee!
arghblah, Apr 24 2001

       Could the UK exchange with France instead? Blair could learn a a lot from France's superior infrastructure and come back with a zeal for doing more work to repairing 2 decades of decline. Jospin would also be far more popular in the UK than Bush II.
Aristotle, Apr 25 2001

       Bush II is far too afraid of putting his foot into a UK Parliamentary debate, or was it putting his foot into his mouth at a paliamentary debate, I can't remember. I wonder how Bush II would have handled Jose Bove (the farmer who led an attack on the French McDonald's) if he spent some time leading France? Would he be the Pres or PM of France? What a conundrum!
tealeaf magazine, Jan 11 2004


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