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On the ceiling, with new little gecko jumpsuit.
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Leave them hanging around till their behaviour changes. It might take some more robust sound proofing but modern homes are pretty good.

An anamorphic pen graphic on the ceiling might make a little reminder.

wjt, Jun 18 2015

New fabric http://www.scienced...06/150615152547.htm
You never know what stufff will be used for. [wjt, Jun 18 2015]

using velcro infant_20velcro
[po, Jun 27 2015]


       I like the gecko outfit part. Nice visual. +
blissmiss, Jun 18 2015

       Thanks, a bit of future whimsy.
wjt, Jun 20 2015

       The obvious solution, then, is flatter children.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 20 2015

       [bigsleep] The surface area for my imagining was the whole back of the jumpsuit.   

       Our designs, unlike in nature, that have greater strength because they are very specific. The ceiling surface could be a large factor in what ever you want to do with this nano velcro.
wjt, Jun 20 2015

       Yes, high up on the patio/ranchslider door works too. Facing out would need the jumpsuit on backwards or placing the child on the outside.   

       Prison bars could be painted on the opposite side to the little actor.
wjt, Jun 22 2015

       Soundproofed hamsterballs, and when the hamsterball gets too big for the house, put it on a chain in the front yard or driveway. Maybe the hamsterball too.
FlyingToaster, Jun 22 2015

       /infant velcro/ Different problem similar solution, probably more cruel because of the time of use. Would breathing be better from a ceiling position?   

       Timeout is a short duration which means a constant wear jumpsuit is probably not the best design. A quick put on 'naughty' harness may be more realistic. Also, you could threaten with the harness as a quick fix behavior change.
wjt, Jun 27 2015

       explanation please? for those of us from a different culture...   

       Is this referring to punishment of kids misbehavior by hanging them from the ceiling inside a "jumpsuit" that will drop them if they continue "misbehaving"?   

       I googled for jumpsuit, and for some reason think you probably meant something else.
pashute, Jun 29 2015

       "coveralls". Or "child jumpsuit". There are one or two more precise terms, but they escape me currently.
FlyingToaster, Jun 29 2015

       No dropping, just locked up for a period of time .   

       Jumpsuit = a one piece garment with legs and arms that zips/buttons up the front.
wjt, Jul 01 2015

       The break from supervision times out and is usually set by length cat nap or task duration.
wjt, Jul 02 2015


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