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time out seat

chid restraint seat (similar to a car seat)
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since straight jackets in kids sizes may be deemed illegal or immoral, although some people might argue this would be child abuse, I feel its better than spanking them which has not been effective with my child at all ( pain just doesn't phase him)one thing all children dislike is having to remain still. ( unless they are sleeping)my son dislikes his car seat and its not illegal in your car so how can it be in your house. when my son gets mad he trys hitting with or without objects in his immediade reach(by the way he is in his terribnble 2's which is where this products age range would mainly target)this could be a good solution to a problem that spanking won't solve or hasn't so far( only enrages the child more it seems) I for one Love my child very much and would never do anything to harm him, but he needs disipline and some sort of a time out seat could be beneficial.
Ozzy, Nov 15 2006


       Please check your spelling. We don't like it so wonky in these parts.   

       As for the idea, what's the difference between this one and a regular car seat with straps?
squeak, Nov 15 2006

       ...and I bet there's a better category for this than Other:
zen_tom, Nov 15 2006

       I got one word for you- Velcrosuits. Stick 'em to the wall.   

       Man, I can't wait for my kids to be born. I am going to have so much fun with them!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 15 2006

       this one would be for indoors a little more comfortable and it could be similar to a high chair, however with the seat belt harness type strapps to hold the child firmly in place.(my son can get out of his current high chair he is pretty tough to hold on to really squirmy)
Ozzy, Nov 15 2006

       velcro suits that is a good Idea, kind of what I'm talkin about, but I don't know how legal that would be. In the state where I live it is illegal to have a lock on the outside of your childs door. a friend of mine got charged with child abuse,thier boy would lock the bedroom door from the inside and beet the krap out of his little sister, so they simply turned the door knobs around so the lock was on the outside so he would not be able to lock them out, turns out its illegal
Ozzy, Nov 15 2006

       I was imagining a seat with built in slapper that you control by remote control (so child doesn't know it's you who's spanking him and doesn't get I-hate-my-parents complex)
phundug, Nov 15 2006

       //illegal to have a lock on the outside of your childs door//   

       That's scary.   

       Depending on where you live, you may be able to put the child outside for a while (until they've finished their tantrum). This is symbolically appropriate, to the extent that good behaviour is what is necessary for people to live comfortably with other people - if you behave badly, we don't want to hurt or control you, but you can't be with us.
pertinax, Nov 16 2006

       Uh, call me crazy but how doth one restrain a two year old? If you can buckle him/her in than he/she could unbuckle the restraint chair. Besides why do you want to freak out your kid by locking them down? It dosen't work for criminals so I am guessing it wouldn't work on your kid.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 16 2006

       Spanking doesn't work because it's stupid, cruel, insensitive and barbaric, so your claim that " I for one Love [sic] my child and would never do anything to harm him" doesn't quite ring true, Ozzy.   

       Try patience and a time-out step (if you have stairs) or other location (if you don't). I'm fairly certain that straightjacketing a tantrum-throwing toddler is NOT the way to calm him down. How would you feel if you were angry or pissed off about something and the response to it was to strap you down?   

       There are very good reasons why you shouldn't be allowed to have a lock on the outside of a door - just think about it.
Murdoch, Nov 16 2006

       What [pertinax] & [Murdoch] said. The quickest and easiest way to teach a child to behave, is to exclude them by making them sit on the "naughty step", or something similar. They will soon learn that antisocial behaviour leads to exclusion.
jtp, Nov 16 2006


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