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Tiles Against Humanity

Version of Scrabble which only allows taboo words
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This is very like Scrabble, with a standard Scrabble board, with something like three important differences:

1. The only permitted words are offensive - either expletives or very non-right on words such as the N word or "M*****f*****".

2. The tiles have letters on one side and stars on the other. Letters are selected by the player but must be placed on the transparent board star side up.

3. The number and score of letters is not based on the entire corpus of the language but on the frequency of the letters in the limited vocabulary of words available to the players.

In order to reveal the winner, the board is covered with a tray and flipped to show the actual words. Up until that point, the game has a Battleships-like quality where opponents must attempt to guess the words the other player has put down. Some of these are easy, such as the twelve- letter example given above, but naturally many of the words have four letters. Whereas it's possible to bluff, doing so will disqualify the bluffing player at the end of the game. In order to detect the player, the tiles are coloured and each player has their own tile bag.

nineteenthly, Feb 05 2019


       I wouldn't buy this. I hate cunts who swear.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 05 2019

       // the N word //   

       "NEASDEN ! "   

       There, we've said it. Now go ahead, sue us.
8th of 7, Feb 05 2019

       The rules need to be more expletive.   

       Even if they are, it'll never be a patch on "Strip Mornington Crescent" ...
8th of 7, Feb 06 2019

       I'm sorry I haven't a clue about that... but if I did there would be a charge.   

That would lead to all sorts of silly words, like "shik" and "funt".
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 07 2019

       Sounds good to me.
nineteenthly, Feb 07 2019

       Imagining the children's edition of this: CRAP BOOBS CRAP etc
calum, Feb 07 2019


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