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three-field system Politics

Two terms and then...
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Howabout two terms of some wonks, and then just nobody in government for the next five years?

For example....Party A wins the election, holds office, then loses the election Party B wins the election, then they leave office and civil servants just run the place for a term.

33% reduction in electioneering over three terms, and no MP salaries for five year, go get a job..

not_morrison_rm, Sep 01 2012


       Bun for thinking about ways to limit government and pointing out that maybe, just maybe, we could survive without our fearless leaders for a few years.   

       Problem with this idea, once the people saw how well everything worked without a huge government they'd never let them back into power.
doctorremulac3, Sep 01 2012

       It could work. For budgets, you might need a Soviet-style 5-year plan. Since 90% of politicians have law degrees, I've wondered if having elected judges create new laws as necessary might function better instead. It might be necessary for civil servants to receive credit or infamy for their interpretations of law on a name by name basis also.
4and20, Sep 01 2012


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