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trick or treat

argh... leave me alone...
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Im sure its the same bunch every time anyway...

Im thinking of something to make it look like my house is empty... at the press of a button: maybe a big board of the type that coveres broken windows could spring into place... all lights are turned off except that I still must be able to see the computer - gm eyes?, a vr headset?, some sort of fake window that goes behind the window to make rooms look empty?...

RobertKidney, Oct 31 2001


       People like you are why they invented TP.
egnor, Oct 31 2001

       ...and an empty house isn't a target because...?
phoenix, Oct 31 2001

       well because they can’t get in and if they do they would get stuck in a film noir add on pack for Halloween...   

       <rant>besides its all an over commercialised American thing </rant>   

       No one round here throws things anyway...
RobertKidney, Oct 31 2001

       no thanks... thats a bit drastic... actualy all that is need is something to stop the evil ones... some of them are all right and seem to be enjoying themselves which is not a bad thing (even if it is at everybody elses expense...), they even seemed to have a sense of humour... The ones that bother me are the ones who say trick or treat in a droning voice, grasp for stuff then walk off... I'm sure at least one bunch of them decided to come round at least twice...
RobertKidney, Nov 01 2001


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