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vacuum guard

vacuum keeps cat away so you can sleep
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Does your cat paw your bedroom door and wake you up on those days you want to sleep in? Mine did until I took advantage of his dislike for a running vacuum. I put a light switch and an outlet in a plastic electric wall box, wired it up with an old lamp cord I had so that the switch controlled the outlet and put on a switch/outlet wall plate. Then I plugged it in with the switch off, plugged the vacuum into it, set it at my bedside, and put the vacuum outside my closed bedroom door with it switched on. It all cost like 3 bucks.

When my cat came scratching I hit the switch for a second. He took off for the other end of the house and left me alone to sleep. Every once in awhile he needs a reminder but it works pretty well.

dane500, Dec 08 2004

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