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A wiki halfbakery pedia - the place to go before submitting a real idea
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Sort of like the wikipedia but oriented at halfbakers, devided into the same categories and explaining the science, engineering challenges and background for the various inventions. The wikifbakerypedia would also have background articles about culture and media, so someone reading an hb invention could get a deeper understanding of - for example - what a custard is.
pashute, Apr 11 2010

Wikipedia: List of Fictional Aircraft http://en.wikipedia..._fictional_aircraft
[jutta, Apr 14 2010]

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       + for the title, you silly bakerpediate you.
blissmiss, Apr 11 2010

       (-) I would rather see the Wikipedia improved to benefit everybody, not a special separate place.
jutta, Apr 11 2010

       21Q, you'd better check; Krelniks' guide doesn't appear on his page anymore.
dentworth, Apr 11 2010

       Krelnik's guide says to google and search!! How is this close.   

       Say you want to add a a new coffee idea by grinding beans, adding water on them, putting them in the mouse trap and then heating the mouse contraption (Whereas most people today make coffee by taking a spoon of brown powder from a can and putting it in a cup then pouring pre-heated water on the powder and mixing).   

       So you hbsearch and then google for a few hours. You would find out, as we all do, that your idea has already been thought of in 1875, patented in 1912, and boned in the halfbakery since 1999 in more than 12 categories. But your not sure if the fine grain - so to speak - of your idea was baked/debunked, especially since some of the ideas as well as some of the annotations were submitted TIC (see Wikifbakerypedia for explanation and examples of the term).   

       In comes the Wikifbakerypedia - with a short encyclopedic summary of the category of these ideas, a table of comparison, the pro's and cons, reasons these ideas where deleted (are they ever?) or emmeffed.   

       You now know that there is an inherent scientific probation on putting beans in a mousetrap and warming it, since this would cause an atomic reaction splitting earth in 5. (Links to Wikipedia and other web sources for all relevant facts)   

       Since it is a wiki, the good will of the many cooperative halfbakers, and the time spent on the site, would be put to a good use, summarizing the long annos.   

       [jutta], Wikimedia is open to any type of wiki. So when this idea starts getting croissants, its the easiest thing to implement. But specifically to wp, there's no way that wikipedia would allow for these kinds of entries, since encyclopedias deal only with existing systems and facts. Ideas and invention specifics are outside their bounds.   

       For example, I have a deep interest in lighter than air vehicles. The wikipedia would never discuss unusual ideas like those in the vehicle category here, unless they have been prototyped, and there are at least 20 movies about them on youtube. But with a wikifbakerypedia, I would immediately see what the scientific limitations are, and what type of plausible ideas have been proposed, as well as a list of implausible ideas, and what the problem with these ideas is.
pashute, Apr 12 2010

       *When* this idea starts getting croissants?
BunsenHoneydew, Apr 13 2010

       It got one, and that wasn't me... so there's always hope. I wrote it, because I seriously think it would be useful for a few people besides myself.
pashute, Apr 14 2010


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