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Them’s that try to invent something completely foolproof, generally underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

Take a chance, create a little romance. Eat a few fish bones, grow a strong backbone.

[Sep 28 2005, last modified Oct 09 2006]

(+3) Bicycle Frame Pump
(+1) Bicycle Powered Cooler
(+2) Bounce house
(+5, -1) Building air bags.
(+7, -1) Buzz bomb that plays “the ride of the valkries” on the way to the target.
(-1) Cold Desert Water
(+2) Corn, soybean, mycorrhiza symbiosis
(+4, -2) Cowboy Hat Cell Phone
(+9, -2) Fire Suppressant Missiles
(+1) Floating Bioreactors.
(+3, -1) Fortune croissant
 Gulf stream to fresh water
(-2) Human catapult landing pod
(+4, -2) Integrated shredder, worm composter
(-4) Laser Instant Coffee Maker
(+2, -3) Offshore compute node.
 Offshore municipal methane digester
(-2) Pickled Peach Popsicle
(+1, -2) Politician Sorter and Remedial School
(+4) Robot alarm clock
(+4, -2) Solar sewage lake cover
(+11)(+11) Solar sewage sandwich
 Steam Space Launch Facility
 Stirling Cycle Water Purifier
(+1) Symbiotic Mine Clearer
(+13, -2)(+13, -2) Trebuchet Paintball
(+6, -1) Two Way River
(+7) Whack-a-mole opinion poll

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